The Anvil, Bournemouth

The 1969 Club

I’ve been waiting for ages to see The Underground pilots live and thanks to the fact that The Prodigy had played the Bournemouth International Centre the night before, I had them almost to myself at the Anvil. Even though there were only ten or twelve people they still pulled out all the stops and put on a rather good show. It’s been a fair few years since I’ve smoked any weed but listening to their superbly delivered stoner rock, replete with echoey guitar effects, I really felt I should be listening to them under the influence of some herb… Oh well beer it was again.

Great riffs and strongly structured tunes made for an excellent night of aural goodness. I would say the mark of a good band (apart from playing great music of course) is the ability to perform to a small group of people as if you were playing to a massive crowd at a large venue. The Underground pilots managed to pull it off as did the headliners The 1969 Club. Of course any musician would love to play to more people, that’s what it’s all about right? But the real work is winning over the people that have turned up, so when you pass that way again, word of mouth will have spread and more people will be standing in front of you.

The Underground Pilots
The Underground Pilots 1234567

The 1969 Club hail from Brittany, France and this is their first UK tour of all the smaller venues. Playing rock solid riffs in the vein of The White Stripes they let loose in the Anvil and immediately had heads a nodding and feet a tapping. The clean basslines and vocals complemented the abrasive choppy riffs which were all backed up with some smart drumming. The tunes were of the highest quality. In fact we were having such a good time, jumping, dancing and singing along that at the end of the set we all howled for one more and got it too.

I hope that if The 1969 Club come over to Blighty again that a few more people get down to the show as these guys deserve to be heard.

The 1969 Club
The 1969 Club 123456789


Words and Photos: Dan O’Gara