Anvil, Bournemouth

Diesel King

Holy heck – what a night! Great weather (nice warm evening), fantastic vibe and four excellent bands pounding several shades of shit out of the assembled crowd! First band on were the gloriously named Cybernetic Witch Cult from Cornwall, knocking out sublime 70’s tinged groove space rock, laced with a trippy feeling, that made you desperate for more at the end of their set.

Cybernetic Witch Cult
Cybernetic Witch Cult 123

Next up are the thrashy sludge kings Thuum, taking no prisoners they crank up the volume and unleash a crushing set with the highlight being debut single “Worthless” a song that is gracing the free cover CD on this month’s Terrorizer magazine. Go buy it!

Thuum 1234567

They were followed by another Bournemouth band Greenhorn, who were unveiling new drummer Mandy Browne (Formerly of pop punk outfit Escapefrom ’98) A drummer who duly proceeded to batter her kit with unerring ferocity. Grinding Doom poured from the PA as Greenhorn did what they do best, turn brains to mush with a devastating barrage of riffs.

Greenhorn 123456

As if that that wasnít enough, the awesome sludge metal that headliners Diesel King began to pound us with, was the proverbial icing on the cake. Laying claim to being one of the most exciting (and loudest) bands on the circuit right now, Diesel King absolutely pulverise audience into mincemeat. Touring their new EP Concrete Burial (a hefty slice of brainchrushing mayhem, guaranteed to piss off the neighbours and get your juices flowing) they took us on a trip to Hell where the Demons pain inflicting methods were: smash-you-in-the-face riffs and unrelenting-screaming-in-your-ear-canal, all delivered at high volume Ö.torture for some, bliss for the The Anvil crowd. Set highlight for me, the brutal “Infernis”.


Words and Photos: Dan O’Gara