Sounds Like Adam

It’s been a decade since Adam Scholey (and co.) burst onto the local music scene with their infectious takes on “Indie-infused” Pop/Punk. To celebrate this milestone, this week saw the release of a 4 track E.P. with different versions of the song ‘Monopoly’-written about the perils of Capitalism!

Version 1 (the current one) opens with a heavy, bass-led part; before the clangy guitars kick in with a squeal! Adam’s slightly “rasping” vocals then accompany the track before the backing vocals come in. It’s Idlewild-esque (vocally) before that infectious, noodly middle 8 kicks in. The subject matter pulls no punches and the layered vocals somewhat mask the repetition in the chorus. The ending, however, is quite superb; leaving you wanting more.

Version 2 (2006 E.P. Version) sounds scratchier but is largely as above (if a little stripped back). Sounding more like it’s being recorded in a studio jam session it is somewhat shorter, but keeps that noodly bridge. The ending is again shorter, but with a squeal.

Sounds Like Adam

Version 3 (2005 Original Assembly Version) sounds like a band just starting out. Adam’s vocal (at first) sounds nervous, while the guitars sound experimental. The vocals improve somewhat in the 2nd verse-(it must have been quite daunting playing in front of your peers at such a tender age). This time the ending just simply fades to nothing.

Version 4 (Alternative 2005 Version) sounds stripped back in the production. However; the vocals are much clearer, with more of an honest approach to the subject matter. In fact, it plays more like a demo, this time with a more immediate climax.

Ten years on there really is no stopping this prolific singer/songwriter. His back catalogue is large while his ventures into other genres sees him continually pushing the envelope (musically).

Track Listing
Monopoly 2015 (10th Anniversary Version) 03:25
Undercurrent – Monopoly (2006 EP Version) 03:08
Undercurrent – Monopoly (2005 Original Assembly Version) 02:23
Undercurrent – Monopoly (Alternative 2005 Version) 03:08

Band members
Adam Scholey – vocals/rhythm guitar
Ant Henson – vocals/lead guitar
James Moseley – drums
Paul Pietrangelo/Mark Ford – bass

Get the EP here.


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.