Drift Micro Bar, Poole

Dave McPherson

Micro bars have been springing up all over towns and cities in the UK with Poole being no exception. The Drift Micro Bar on the Quay in Poole is making a name for itself with a warm, welcoming friendly atmosphere and regular live music. The place is smaller than most average sitting rooms and contains a bar and very little else. Though there is something very appealing about this little place.

Tonight they manage a huge booking with InMe’s Dave McPherson playing what he confesses to be his smallest gig ever. The place, of course, is heaving and with just 30 people crowded into this tiny bar there is literally barely room to swing a cat or lift your elbow to drink your pint. This in no way deters from the evening’s entertainment as the atmosphere in the place is just amazing, with the small amount of space making everyone extra polite.

Dave, or David, as he’s going to be known; moving forward kicks off at 9 o’clock sharp, and a welcome hush comes over the place. Kicking off with “Something Bad” from his latest album “Living Life without the F”, his unmistakeable voice is in fine form. It is an absolute thrill to be at close quarters with a guy who can captivate a room with songs that are mostly about the struggles of life and difficult relationships.

Dave McPherson

Dave McPherson 12

The first InMe track of the evening is “Turbulence” from the “Daydream Anonymous” album and the audience is hanging onto every word of his passionate vocal delivery. Mr. McPherson welcomes a few requests and after a barrage of seemingly unplayable songs he comes up with “7 Weeks”, with the lyrics being hastily ‘Googled’ on his phone before singing. The song produces a lovely warming audience sing-a-long.

After a packed full 90 minute set it is sadly time for the last song and David has kept the best till last with an utterly powerful show-stopping acoustic rendition of “Faster The Chase”, which gains him plenty of well-deserved applause from the delighted audience. He is available for parties, weddings and gigs in just about any location that will have him. A true joy to watch and an evening that will be remembered for a long time to come by all that were here.

*InMe return to Dorset for a performance at the Teddy Rocks Festival 1st May. Purchase your tickets here.

Set List
Something Bad
Last Year
Memories Become Enemies
Landing on My Feet From a Great Height
Glass White Flag
7 Weeks
If Only You Knew
A Final Song
Spring Hearts Need Blood
Faster the Chase


Words, Pictures & Video by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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