Imagine being trapped in a house when suddenly an earthquake hits. You look around and dive under the only table in the room you are in. It happens to be a rickety plastic garden one and as soon as you are under it, the roof comes down. You are protected but the weight on the table begins to force the flimsy plastic legs to slowly buckle. You jam your back against the underneath of the table but feel the weight of a ton of rubble gradually push you down – slow – very slow – and suffocatingly heavy. Well Heriot delivers the aural equivalent with new EP World Collapse.

Starting off with the short but thunderous Myrr, gives you an inkling of what to expect from this offering. When China Lake kicks in, the ponderous heavy riffs begin to batter the listener into a bloody pulp. This is monstrous and superb soundtrack to the end of the world. Kleptocracy turns on a wave machine of utter misery, washing away the last dregs of humanity and making way for last trackÖWorld Collapse. The table legs finally give out and the as the last once of breath is squeezed from your body, your only thought is “let’s give that another spin!” Great Metal Doom from the Swindon upstarts. Standout track: China Lake.


Track Listing
China Lake
World Collapse


Words: Dan O’Gara

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