Mr Kyps, Poole

The Urban Voodoo Machine

Tonight Mr. Kyps plays host to The Urban Voodoo Machine; who roll into town for their first visit here as part of their “Lucky 13” tour, celebrating 13 years together. The band are described as “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop N’ Stoll” which could really mean anything and describes just a few of their qualities. They have just released their latest album “Hellbound Hymn”, and if they can reproduce the style and energy from this we are all in for a great night.

As local support act Shaun Gary Palmer takes to the stage, this big hall is still largely empty with just a few people dotted around sitting patiently in their chairs. Shaun, despite the obvious lack of audience, carried on as if he was playing to a sell-out crowd with a confident upbeat and entertaining set. He has a varied vocal delivery from fast pace rapping to nicely delivered singing. I can’t help think though a local band like The Jimmy Hillbillies, The Trav Cats or Lady Winwoods Maggot would have been more suitable for a night like this to bring in the crowd earlier and to warm them up for the main attraction.

Shaun Gary Palmer
Shaun Gary Palmer 

The Urban Voodoo Machine don’t make us wait too long and they take to the stage with a New Orleans-style funeral procession. They bring a big splash of colour and it looks like Halloween has arrived early this year as they all have various styles of theatrical horror-style make-up on. The now much larger crowd instantly warm to front man Paul-Ronney Angel, who does everything to get the crowd involved in the show. The seven-piece band comprising of George “Le Boner” Simmonds – Trombone, Ane Angel Saxophone, Uncle Slim – Accordion/Piano, El Diablo – Guitars, The Reverend Gavin Smith -Double Bass, The Late J-Roni-Moe – Drums and Jary- Percussion make a really intriguing sound full of influence from all over the musical spectrum that include jazz, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Gypsy, Folk with much more besides.

The band deliver many great songs including the sing-a-long classic “Bucket of Blood”, with horrific screams by slightly inebriated Ane Angel and the excellent “Pipe and Slippers Man”. It is quite obvious this band like a drink and despite having many a bottle of various liqueurs on stage it is not enough. Paul grabbed a ladder from the side of the stage; laid it down and climbed on, requesting the crowd to act like pallbearers carrying him to the bar to collect a bottle of tequila. They carried him the length of the hall and back while the band continued playing.

Urban Voodoo Machine
Urban Voodoo Machine 123456789

When it came to the end of the evening the band just did not want to stop and came back; much to the crowds delight with a three song encore where they all climbed down off the stage and joined us all on the dancefloor, with yet another crowd sing-a-long of “Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground)”. And, despite its title it is such an uplifting number. This was no normal gig-a show that had everything: theatrics, great music, priceless banter and a band who despite never playing this town before rolled in and won over many new fans. Tonight the Urban Voodoo Machine played out of their skins and everyone in the audience went home fully entertained!! I’m sure word will spread of the wondrous event and they will get a much larger welcome upon their return to Poole sometime in the near future.

Set List
Intro: Theme from the Urban Voodoo Machine
High Jeopardy Thing
Cheers for the Tears
Fallen Brothers
Not With You
All Mixed Up
Bucket of Blood
Orphans Lament
Pipe and Slippers Man
Let You Rot
Goodnight My Dear
Rusty Water & Coffin Nails
While We Were All Asleep
Help Me Jesus
Goodbye to Another Year

Love Song 666
Crazy Maria
Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground)



Words, Pictures & Video by David Chinery (Chinners)

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