D Generation

After a 20-year recording hiatus D Generation are back with this, their latest LP. “Queens of A” opens this collection with some gentle “clicky” picking and simple cymbal tapping; with a dark, spoken word intro. It then opens up and breaks out into an explosion of power drumming and sleazy guitars. Those shimmering guitars go all noodly on us in the bridge before they return to the power and twisted chords. I’m reminded of late 70’s Glam/Punk and the ending is terrific. “Lonely Ones” is slower and less obvious but no less enjoyable. The lead vocal is Jagger-esque while the music has that sleazy R’n’R feel of say New York Dolls. Lyrically I’m getting an observational tale but I could be wrong and it’s just pure fiction?!

“Apocalypse Kids” vocal intro is Lou Reed-esque before once again the song kicks into life. The overall “radio friendly” beat and stretched chords are matched by the hard hitting. Another observational tale maybe about the “kids” and appropriate to most towns and cities. It’s a tad noodly again with a clear Rock edge, but no way lost on here. “21st Century Blues” opens with a Glammy drum part, which sets the tone for the rest of the song. Lyrically honest and personal maybe and some solid, chiming guitars in the bridge. The handclaps towards the end would suggest this might be a live favourite, anthemic and singalong.

“Dance Hall Daze” stays with the Glam with chugging guitars from the outset and throughout. I’m reminded of Bowie in his 70’s pomp, but you could muster one of many influences here. It’s a happy go lucky song celebrating everything good about the whole Glam era, and everything that came with it! “Mercy of The Rain” has another Stonesy intro and comes across as a tale of jealousy. Stretched, twisted chords and a regular drumbeat are matched to an honest and heartfelt vocal. It’s sleazy and unapologetically honest and the ending is neat.

“Hatful of Rain” is more New Wave with a great beat that again harks back to a certain American city. The title is somewhat confusing (or am I missing something)? The noodly bridge is now to be expected but the strong hitting is the overriding part within the song. “Don’t Believe” starts all Dirty R’n’R, staying in the storytelling arena. It’s more melodic Rock than Punk and has a much slower tempo which is quite a departure from the majority of songs on here.


“Rich Kids” has a brilliant intro, reminiscent of The Clash. And; it’s another aside, this time to the “Rich Kids”! Chiming guitars throughout are matched by a clean, clear and audible vocal. This has live favourite written all over it. Those chiming guitars are superb as the bridge fades cleverly into the songs ending. “Militant” starts with a military-style drumbeat before those dirty guitars slink in over the top. A muffled vocal, strained at times then takes centre stage before the drums return to the fore. The guitars become very Punky towards the abrupt end which is tight and immediate.

“Piece of The Action” is slower, scuzzier and lower tempo. It comes to life slightly in the chorus but doesn’t exactly set the world on fire. The vocal reminds me of Ian Astbury (The Cult) but that would be purely an observation. “Not Going Back” screams Hair Metal to me, from the lyrics through to the music. The singalong chorus and radio friendly vibe of the song certainly makes it stand out and it has the now customary noodly bridge!

“Tomorrow” closes the LP and it’s back to the slower tempo and simple plodding drums and guitars. Rather than bowing out all guns a blazing I’m afraid it’s more of a whimper. It briefly comes alive towards the end but I kinda wanted and expected more.

I’m assuming that with such a large timescale between releases the band still have the fires burning within them to want to continue. Without hearing earlier material to compare to I wonít judge, but there is plenty here to be excited about. D Generation have an album’s worth of material to at least build on and I would expect them to expand their sound a little if (and when) their next album is in the offing. Here though would be a decent enough starting point.

Track Listing
Queens of A
Lonely Ones
Apocalypse Kids
21st Century Blues
Dance Hall Daze
Mercy of the Rain
Hatful of Rain
Don’t Believe
Rich Kids
Piece of The Action
Not Going Back

D Generation are
Howie Pyro
Michael Wildwood
Jessie Malin
Danny Sage
Richard Bacchus



Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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