Plastic Jeezus

Bournemouth’s Plastic Jeezus have been around for quite a while now, gradually weeding their way into our minds with comedic mind-drilling dittys about everyday life. The band is made up of the dessert dry frontman Simon Fernand on vocals/ukulele, along with his two long-suffering straight men Dave Morrison on drums and Aaron Roberts on bass. Their first release was a 4 track demo EP which gave us a small insight of what is to come with tunes such as the lovely “Kenneth” and a very honest account of a local vicinity “My Road”.

Well if you thought it would never happen it actually has, the trio have actually released their debut album and called it “Choose Your Own Misadventure”. The 11 track affair is a weird quirky rollercoaster style journey through some psychedelic social commentary. The band combine melodic Ukulele with infectious rhythmic beats that will have you foot-tapping for ages. The lyrics are clever and are simple observations of everyday happenings. For example; opening number “Buzzcuts” uses the line that is written on a sign close to a driver’s cab on a bus “Don’t talk to the driver while the vehicle is still in motion”, turning it into an incredibly infectious chorus.

Plastic Jeezus

The album is full of lyrical highlights and one such tune “Mantrap” should come with an advisory warning, as it is so contagious if played in a public place it would radiate into the brains on unsuspecting listeners within seconds. It is basically the reverse of “Mousetrap” with the mice getting their revenge on the humans. I dare you to listen to it; go on, but I did warn you! Simon also tells about his “Dad dancing” moments which are like his underpants are full or “Porridge & Pins” and gives us images of Ukulele Heaven in “The Other Place”. The irony of “So Damn Rock n Roll” is so disingenuous but then a customary performance by the legendary Si Genaro makes you possibly think otherwise. The album concludes with the Kazoo filled “Here Be Monsters” which continues the pandemic spread of infectious earworms.

Plastic Jeezus

Is there a place in your life for Plastic Jeezus? Well you know those moments when you are having a bad day, and you are picking up the rowdy kids on a school run with everything happening at 100 hundred miles an hour? Get out your Plastic Jeezus CD from the glovebox/or bluetooth it from your phone (Delete as Appropriate) and bring some fun into your lives. It should be customary that public places should have a Plastic Jeezus album display behind glass, “Break glass in an Emergency” for those moments when you are in need of light relief. With all the negatives in the world today this band bring a dry but positive injection of wittiness that will more than make you smile.

Delete as Appropriate
Stalker Song
Puncture Repair Kit
People I Never Cared About
Porridge & Pins
Primary Schools Careers Advisor
The Other Place
So Damn Rock N Roll
Here Be Monsters

Plastic Jeezus are
Aaron Roberts – Bass, Vocals
Dave Morrison – Drums, Vocals
Simon Fernand – Ukulele, Vocals

Guest spots by Si Generao and Khoi Huynh (The Corner Laughers)



Word By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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