The Anvil, Bournemouth


Seriously gutted that I missed the first band Duskwood, having reviewed their EP (here: here) I really had wanted to check them out live. Nothing but good reports from mates who made it to The Anvil earlier than I did though, so hopefully will be able to get them to play a Southern Doom Crew show in the near future.

Bournemouth’s own “sludge groovesters” Thuum are the first band I get to see and every time I do they are tighter and more ferocious, pummelling the assembled with a delicious combination of hooks & riffs. Another string to their bow is the news that they will be playing the legendary Bloodstock Metal festival this year.

THUUM 1234567

Having seen second on the bill Poseidon supporting the mighty Orange Goblin earlier this year, I had an inkling of what to expect, but the contrast in venue’s really made a difference.

Coming from the larger Engine Rooms where they were great, to the extremely compact Anvil where they were absolutely awesome and their sound hit you straight on. Glacial riffs thundered around the smaller venue hitting the audience with the force of a Tsunami and leaving the packed crowd drenched in sweat. The bassist Matthew Bunkel told me that they are ready to drop their first album and I for one will pre-order the hell out of that!

Poseidon 1234

On to the evenings headliners and when a Texan trio get mentioned everyone automatically assumes that it’s ZZ Top! But Mothership are out to prove that it’s not all about stadiums and platinum albums but lowdown fuzzy, dirty rock that kicks you in the dangly bits and slaps you upside the head.

These blokes didn’t mess around and opening with “Helter Skelter” from the excellent new album they are touring called “High Strangeness”, proceeded to crank up the groove and peppered the assembled with their superb brand of heavy Stoner Rock. Guitarist Kelley Juett didn’t stop moving the whole show, throwing shapes like an Angus Young on speed; whereas Kyle Juett dished out Sabbathy bass lines with beer-fueled vocals. They are infinitely more powerful live than on record and put on an outstanding show.
Big thanks to Choff from “Untouchable Promotions” for booking this gig!

Mothership 123456

Set List
Helter Skelter
Shanghai Surprise
Crown of Lies
Hot Smoke and Heavy Blues
City Nights
Wise Man
Priestess of the Moon
Lunar Master

Speed Dealer
Serpents Throne


Words and photos: Dan O’Gara

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