27 Days

Bournemouth already has it’s fair share of quality rock bands: Voodoo Vegas, Saints of Sin, Western Sand, Black Tree Vultures, The Wilderpeople to name but a few, but recently a new name has been appearing regularly within the local gig listings. “27 Days” are a five-piece guitar-led band who are inspired by the classic rock bands of the last three decades. They have recently released their debut album “Live Fast, Die Young”, which was recorded at Hangover Hill studios in Bournemouth under the watchful eye of local music entrepreneur Matt Black. The band put themselves and Matt under a fair amount of pressure and made the album within a hectic a 5 week deadline. It features fists full of rock n’ roll clichés and 13 tracks that don’t disappoint, with plenty to keep the discerning rock fan interested from start to finish.

The album opens with “Welcome to the Party”, a typical rock assault with plenty of guitar duelling, pounding bass riffage and some hectic drumming – coupled with Jordan’s unique vocal delivery. This can also be said about other standout tracks like the infectious “Speed” and title track “Live Fast, Die Young”. Things take a serious diversion when you reach a passionate tune called ‘Heaven Unfolds’. The band show they are no one trick ponies; where they display some nice creative flair and Jordan stretches his vocals chords, showing off his extensive range. The band show the sleazy side of their rock with “I’m No Slave”, “Too Hot For Your Love” and the pulse racing “Drop Dead (Gorgeous)”.

27 Days

One of the best offerings on this album is the beautiful “Stay Close to Me” which opens with some lovely piano and atmospheric guitar before the song builds and builds with once again more impressive and diverse vocal delivery. The album features an unexpected hidden track at the end where the guys show some majestic, acoustic goodness. With this style of rock n’ roll, it is not about reinventing the wheel, it is all about continuing the legacy that bands like Guns n’ Roses, Def Leppard and Motley Crue started. 27 Days wear their influences heavily on their sleeves and in their hearts. Rock n’ Roll burns deep within them and this record is an outpouring of the love of their influences. It is certainly a triumphant debut that they can in years to come look back on and be proud of.

Track Listing
Welcome to the Party
Tell the Devil
Life on the Edge
Miss Behave
Live Fast, Die Young
Heaven Unfolds
Dirty Love
I’m No Slave
Too Hot For Your Love
Drop Dead (Gorgeous)
Stay Close to Me
Hidden Track

27 Days are
Jordan Watts (Rhythm guitar and lead vocals)
Steven Speck (Lead Guitar)
Phil Shambrook (Drums)
Dom Gidman (Bass)
Blake Hibbard (Lead Guitar)


Contact: 27daysofficial@gmail.com

Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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