Mr Kyps, Poole

Marble Tides

Tonight we are at Mr Kyps in Poole to see the birth of yet another brand new local band. The band are Marble Tides and they feature two former members of the now-defunct Greyside. The five-piece band feature Brandon Moss (Vocals), Sam Rawlings (Drums), Zac Thompson (Guitar), Luke Green (Guitar) and Gemma Halliday (Bass/Vocals) bringing together an all-new exciting line-up. The band have just released their debut single “Another Dream Dies” and from this, they show loads of potential and bring together plenty of quality ingredients.

Before Marble Tides make their worldwide debut there is the matter of two top support acts to get the evening started. The first of these is Bournemouth’s Wolf Culture, a hardworking band that are certainly making waves in the local area and beyond. Recently the band had an extensive article written about them in Kerrang magazine on the run-up to the release of the debut EP “The Devil’s Plans for Idle Hands” on Common Ground Records. The four-piece kicks off with the powerful ‘Overboard’ with a swift drum intro, before the guitars and bass light up the P.A with a sweet punk-tinged sound.

Wolf Culture
Wolf Culture 123

The band’s sound appears to be influenced by some of the American pop-punk bands of the 1990’s, but that does not tell the whole story as they bring together many other original elements. “Continents” is a great sounding track with its slow and deliberate intro; before the bass and drums kick in with a considerable punch, which are complemented by Max Dervan’s well delivered and passionate vocals. They end the set on a high with the high-paced “Wreck” which is a quality tune that chugs along with it’s full on guitar riffs and infectious chorus. Wolf Culture are certainly a band making all the right noises in the right places, if this continues don’t be surprised to see them getting some decent tour supports and festival invitations in the very near future.

After a short trip down the M27 Kings and Castles from Southampton take to the stage for their debut gig in Poole. These guys start with an eager attitude wanting everybody in the place to take notice. They instruct people to move forward away from the bar and fill the area in front of the stage – after all, they have left their living rooms to come and watch a rock show. The 4-piece band start with a long instrumental piece before launching into opening number “That Girl”, followed by the epic “Miss You” which features a great guitar solo from Aiden who is playing a lovely Brian May signature guitar.

Kings And Castles
Kings And Castles 123

The band have a really great chemistry, and clearly love what they do. Their infectious enthusiasm is rubbing off on the audience. Their tunes feature fantastic twin guitar melodies; great songwriting, spot on vocal harmonies coupled with some clever combined musicianship. The band end their energetic 30 minutes or so on stage with the uplifting “This Town” which gets them some seriously positive applause from the well-entertained audience.

It is finally time for Marble Tides to take to the stage: the lights dim and the guitarists enter to provide some instrumental noodling, before they are joined by the rhythm section and lead singer Brandon enters to massive cheers from the crowd. They kick off with “Little Lies” and from the start, you can tell that this band have made a serious effort putting this show together, as there is plenty of confidence and they are all note-perfect. The sound is big and bold with lovely combined melodic guitars, which sincerely compliment Brandon’s big and varied vocals.

Marble Tides
Marble Tides 123456

The tunes have a very intimate personal feel and are sung right from the heart, especially the beautiful “Land & Sea” which Brandon dedicated to someone special in the audience. The lyrics were deep, moving and meaningful with Brandon actually wiping his own tears from his eyes at one point. The new single ‘Another Dream Dies’ is a very catchy slice of radio friendly rock, which these guys (even in this early stage) clearly know how to create good relevant music. The distinctive twin guitars and spot on rhythms sound substantial in this old hall and the band leave the stage with the crowd wanting more. A fantastic debut, one of the best I have seen from a new band. Let’s hope they can keep up this high momentum and really make things happen.

Set Lists
Marble Tides
Intro: Little Lies
Land and Sea
Another Dream Dies

Kings and Castles
That Girl
Miss You
Set Me Free
Bring it Back
Love Is the Word
This Town

Wolf Cuture
? (Weezer Cover)
Killing the High Horse


Words and Pictures by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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