The Lord Nelson, Poole

The Mistakes

Tonight saw two first’s for me – a new venue & a new band. So the venue. Poole’s Lord Nelson Pub is one of the last bastions in the town of Poole offering live multi-genre music. Tonight the Punks are in town for a 4 band showcase, promoted by those stalwarts of the local scene NBQ Promotions.

First up tonight are Kill The Colossi (featuring Bournemouth’s hardest working drummer Steve Higgins). The recent departure of original singer Tyrone hasn’t fazed them if anything it has strengthened their resolve. With a lengthy soundcheck, I didn’t even realise they’d started and promptly missed the opening 2 songs! I join the crowd for “Another Bad Day” and they are on fine form. The stage is sparse, to say the least, but they cope. They break us in gently with “For Honour” before the title track from their debut LP “Herd Mentality”. This 3-piece blend Street punk with hints of Dub and Ska. On the faster tracks the vocal is sometimes lost in the mix, but overall they give a good account of themselves. Live favourite “Fuck The Taxman” gets ever more popular while “Shotgun Shelly” is a humorous little ditty about a local “lady of the night”! Rowan’s bass is loud throughout; throbbing at times, while Steve keeps a thunderous beat in the engine room. Adam (guitar/vox) assumes banter and introduction responsibilities between guitar and vocal duties. They comfortably take on The Ruts classic “Jah War” before ending with the quite excellent “Outsiders”, which is rather apt. A great start.

Kill The Colossi
Kill The Colossi 12

Next up are out-of-towners Murderers Row. Fresh from a support slot with legends UK Subs in their hometown of Southampton they have travelled along the Coast to be with us tonight. Their brand of Punk (to me) owes a huge debt to the Riot Grrrl scene, notably in Rach’s (bass/vox) vocal, low slung bass and all round demeanour. They open with “Psycho” and set out their stall early with a great Punk/Grunge sound. The drums (Paul) remain powerful while Matt (guitar/vox) completes the line-up. Rach’s self-deprecating style is lost on me – they have the songs and the style. “Borrowed Time” is an early highlight while “Bomb” sees another title tonight with a war reference. She at one point laments her bass playing skills but I can only put this down to nerves in new surroundings. She need not have worried, they are going down well. “Rosie” precedes another cover; this time the Eastfield classic “Burt Reynolds”, replete with added swearing from band and crowd alike! They depart us on ‘They Live’ and I for one have discovered a great new Punk band.

Murderers Row
Murderers Row 123

Penultimate band of the evening are Sinful Maggie, a unique Punk/RnR band. On their opener they advise us to “Take Out The Sun”. Let’s hope not, it’s only been here a week!! “Mr. Know It All” is a song about the pub know all. We’ve all met him, drunk with him, listened to him etc. Their accordion-led Punk is quite unique but it’s the overall vibe they create that keeps you interested. Set highlight is the brilliant “Shitfaced” which needs no introduction nor explanation! Charlie (guitar/vox) is at times drowned by Briony’s accordion playing, but when his anthemic choruses comes thru’ they are loud enough. Ollie (drums) is both energetic and powerful while Russ (bass/vox) completes this quintet. They give us another five originals before departing on a cover, the Murphy’s “Barroom Hero”. And while it would be remiss to just call them a Dropkicks tribute band, they have carved a niche in this particular scene quite their own. Big, ballsy anthems with a certain swagger that is not lost on this crowd.

Sinful Maggie
Sinful Maggie 123

And so to the headliners. There’s briefly a worry that the Sunday licence will force them to only play two songs. But a word in the bartender’s ear and we get a full 40 minutes of high octane, anthemic Punk Rock. They open with “Underdogs” which immediately appeases this crowd, which after all is what we are! “Democracy” shows their political side while “Seaside Resort Town” is semi-autobiographical (with added namecheck of tonight’s venue). Ross (lead vox) is in bullish mood, inviting singalongs and crowd interaction. One punter in particular; not put off by the lack of space, dances virtually throughout. “Together” is anthemic while “Never Be Quiet” is their big singalong track. “Quitters Get Nothing” precedes set closer “Self Control” and ends what has been a barnstorming night of South Coast Punk. Proof if ever it were needed that this scene just will not go away. Four great bands, a great venue and free entry. If that’s not a reason to get in my car and support the scene I donít know what is?!

The Mistakes
The Mistakes 123

Set Lists
The Mistakes
What Are We Doing Here?
Seaside Resort Town
That’s What You Get
Never Be Quiet
Quitters Get Nothing

Sinful Maggie
Take Out the Sun
Rock N Roll Prowess
Mr Know It All
Rebel Without a Cause
Lost & Long Forgotten
Zyklon B
Nature of Men
Barroom Hero (Dropkick Murphys)

Murderers Row
Borrowed Time
Burt Reynolds
They Live

Kill the Colossi
Another Bad Day
The Alarm
For Honour
Herd Mentality
Fuck The Tax Man
Better the Devil You Know
Shotgun Shelly
Jah War



Words by Ross A. Ferrone
Videos & Pictures by Chinners

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