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the Kut

So; with the knowledge that I wasn’t going to Rebellion this year I made sure I’d at least attend one Punk gig this week. The Kut are in town; halfway through yet another exhaustive tour, still promoting their debut LP. But what of the supports you say? We arrive at the venue bang on 8pm and openers The Relish have already been on 10 minutes. A drink purchased we head to the front. The Relish are a Southampton five-piece who play a wide range of Rock within the genre. Ian (l/vox) has huge range and immediately I’m getting a Flaming Lips/Catherine Wheel mash-up in the song I hear first. Noodling aplenty from Glen (l/guitar) who is note perfect. The Relish have many influences, too many to mention – I’m just disappointed I didn’t catch their whole set. They leave us on a great track titled “Demons” and depart to long, loud applause.

The Relish
The Relish 12

Next up are Arid Wave, another local Rock band. This three-piece raise the intensity with their loud, brash delivery. They open with “Black Duck”, a throaty full-on powerhouse of a song. Thor (vox) doesn’t keep still for one second, occupying every inch of the stage between vocals. “Outskirts” follows and it’s more of the same. The bassist is equally energetic with a decent accompanying vocal. At this point my earplugs make an entrance, I’m right at the front and these guys are loud! I stick around for “The End of The World”, undecided whether they are Alt/Rock, Grunge or Hardcore (or elements of all three).

The bassist with a name too long for this review is chief shapeshifter, while Sam behind him on drums is hidden beneath his huge blond mane, but is equally energetic. While I can’t fault their industrious delivery and huge energy; it’s all a little too much for my ears, so I take cover back in the bar. I cannot fault their musicianship or stagecraft, they’re just not my bag.

From just along the Coast in nearby Bournemouth come Deltorers. Making quite a name for themselves in these parts due to their apathy amid their own scene, they waste no time in re-acquainting themselves. They open with “Wow” – Wow indeed! Nath (guitar/vox) is sporting a head injury, sustained while enjoying Arid Wave! Their sound is slightly less explosive tonight, more measured. “Patient Tester” follows before they debut the first of two (unnamed) new songs. This number vocally has a huge Robert Smith influence which would suggest a shift somewhat in the Deltorers future output. “Insight” comes next and parity is resumed. It remains heavy without its usual intensity.

The second newbie is more of the same; a hard, heavy brash musical assault which I feel needs a little tweaking. They are in the groove now – Nath and Zoot (drums) are shirtless due to the sheer heat they are giving off. Zoot’s drum ferocity never wavers and tonight is no exception. Bren (bass) as per usual, nonchalantly just does his thing. “Easily Wet” precedes crowd pleaser “She Looks Nice” before they depart on the live fave “I Guess We’ll Wait and See”. I’m pleased to say Deltorers might just be shifting their sound somewhat. One thing isn’t in doubt tho, they still Rock – hard.

And so to the headliners. The Joiners has become one of their regular spots on their many jaunts south; and tonight they are greeted by a larger crowd, some of whom are here for the supports I imagine. The regular line-up is back together again after Stella (bass) finished her degree. They open with live fave “Mario”, followed by the excellent “I Am Vain”. Maha (vox/guitar) is in fine voice, complemented by tonight’s excellent sound. Stella (bass/vox) looks like she’s never been away and Diana (drums) just does her thing. Tonight’s set is largely culled from their debut LP, so no complaints there then. “If Looks Could Kill” precedes an excellent “Alekhines Gun” where Maha appears to hold back somewhat on the harsher elements of the song.

The crowd favourite “I Want You Maniac” is as good as ever as we see the first ripples of movement in this crowd. “I Don’t Need Therapy” precedes a brilliant “Mind Games” where their number is complemented by good friend (and unofficial) fourth member one James Earl on 2nd guitar. “Bad Man” meanwhile means the now customary stage invasion. As if this Joiners stage wasn’t small enough! They depart us on “Hollywood RnR” but only briefly exit the stage before returning for a two-song encore.

The Kut
The Kut 123456789101112

Maha is at pains to point out their gratitude at an ‘Independent’ artist managing to break the Top 10 in the Rock Charts, and it is down to us the fans and our continued support. They end on “Love In The Rush Hour” and “Seccoya” before finally leaving and taking the plaudits. Maha and Stella hang around the merch for pictures and autographs and happily chat with punters. On tonight’s evidence the ‘DIY Scene’ is alive and kicking, long may that continue.

Finally a word for the venue. No-one could have failed to notice the ’50 Year Anniversary’ posters adorning the walls. Pat and his team continue to push events in the most difficult of times, and on tonight’s evidence, it will have been worth it. Support your scene – use it or lose it!!

Set Lists
The Relish
The Feels
Leave It
Caved In
Where You Stand

Arid Wave;
Black Duck
The End of the World
Mass Transit
Dead Friends

Patient Tester
New Song#1
New Song#2
Command Escape
Easily Wet
She Looks Nice
I Guess We’ll Wait and See

The Kut
I Am Vain
If Looks Could Kill
Alekhines Gun
I Want You Maniac
I Don’t Need Therapy
Mind Games
Bad Man
Hollywood RnR

Love In The Rush Hour



Words, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone.

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