Damn Dice

From the moment I saw Damn Dice live, I loved them. They have an almost manic energy to their performances and as anyone who has interviewed them or spoken to them after a gig will know, they’re thoroughly all around nice chaps. Based in London, DD has proved over and over that they are worthy of a place on the festival circuit, including an appearance at Hard Rock Hell and they continue to play gigs across London on a regular basis.

“Thriller Killer” is their second full-length album; it is also one that has been eagerly awaited for some time. Having played first offering, “The Great Unknown” to death, I was very pleased to have DD2 in my hot little hands – all twelve tracks of it.

Opening with a lone guitar lick before bursting into an explosion of sound, first track, “Thrill of the Kill” featured some strong riffs and a nice, dirty bridge into the guitar solo, with some almost unidentifiable vocal harmonies. I’m not sure what “defines” Damn Dice, but this track certainly had “It”.

New single, “Stories I Write” is not just a great track, but also a searing attack on the social media phenomenon; it resonated with me because of the insidious nature of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with people reinventing themselves and presenting versions of their lives that aren’t truthful. Who says a band can’t have fun and run social commentary at the same time?

Other standout tracks for me included “This Time” (a gloriously chuggy, fist-pumping effort), the bruising “Leaving With Nothing”, the rather classic sounding “Fire Below” and “Behind You”.

Damn Dice

I feel that this album is certainly a more polished effort than DD1, however I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Perhaps I’m so used to their style or perhaps it’s because I haven’t seen them live for so long, but “Thriller Killer” is, for me, more of a slow burn than an instant hit; having said that, I’m sure the album will turn out to be one of my favourites. Each time I listen to it, I’m picking out new things and the songs are starting to embed themselves in my memory. I’m excited to hopefully catch another gig soon, as it’s the live stage where Damn Dice really come alive; they always bring superb energy to a gig, leaving everyone feeling like they’ve been part of something special.

Damn Dice are
Vocals: Alex
Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals: Wallis
Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals: Diego
Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals: Marco
Drums / Backing Vocals: Francois

Track Listing
Thrill of the Kill
Stories I Write
This Time
Turn Back The Clock
Leaving With Nothing
Fire Below
Got To Know
Blood and Tears
Back Again
Behind You
What A Life
Find Me


Words by Vikkie Richmond.

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