The Shooting Star, Southampton

Deviant Heart

With no gig appointments in Bournemouth my photographer and fellow cohort make the short journey along the South Coast for a night of Punk Rock. Southampton’s Shooting Star plays host to a once monthly Punk night, giving local and travelling Punk bands a platform to air their music. Not being from the area our search for parking meant we sadly missed openers Order 227.

Next up are rising (local) stars The Gloria’s. They are in fine fettle tonight and singer Gez is on good form, never staying still for one moment. Such is the heat they are giving off his jacket lasts one song! They open with ‘Broken Hell’ and sound wise they are note perfect. Live favourite “No Mercy” sees Jez dispense with another layer as they begin to hit their stride. “Trail of Tears” precedes the first of two newbies “Can’t Stand the Reign” which is heavy, with chunkier sounding guitars and somewhat louder. “Look The Other Way” comes next as they sound like a band happy to shake off their old skool RnB/RnR leanings in favour of a more Garage/Punk sound. “Better than This” is more than apt, on tonight’s showing it may not seem possible! “It’s All Good” again emphasises the feel-good factor in the performance while “Magic Money Tree” sounds new to me. They end on a high as their wall of noise reaches its peak with ‘Gloriaus’ which their set has been. While I would be the first to admit I have never seen them as a ‘Punk’ band, tonight they come across as a band at home in that scene. Those Gutter Rats have their work cut out to follow that!

The Gloria's
The Gloria’s 123

And so after a quick turnaround, Bournemouth’s finest take to the stage. A quick sound check accompanying Damian (drums) thrashing signals the start of their set. They open with some stellar oldies starting with “Put Your Clothes Back On”. Jordan’s guitars are clangy from the outset and the overall sound tonight is somewhat darker, harsher even. Damian’s ferocious hitting is only tempered by the extra symbol-bashing I notice throughout. “Mushroom” precedes the excellent “Bluebottle” yet Jason’s vocals seem muffled, nasal even. “Hamster” (bass) is virtually statuesque while Jordan (guitar) is head down in concentration, despite Damian’s ferocity in the engine room. New song “Bin Bags” reminds me of The Exploited’s “Alternatives” in the guitars while “Sign On” could be appropriate to any era. “MP” again I’m guessing is about the current political regime but they save the best ’til last with a rip=snorting cover of Toy Dolls “Fisticuffs In Frederick Street”, replete with “Hello’s” from this crowd. While I don’t think it’s their finest performance they still know how to put on a show to a new audience.

Gutter Rats
Gutter Rats 12

And so to our headliners, all the way from the Smoke. Deviant Heart unleash an RnR/Punk mix upon us that is somewhat easier on the ear. They open with “Greed Factor” and straight away Lizzy Lastic’s vocal makes an impression. Her delivery is loud and brash yet equally clear and coherent. She isn’t afraid to move about into the crowd, as we find out later! “Only The Lonesome” swiftly follows as they grow in confidence, despite some early sound issues with Albert’s guitar amp. Talking of Albert I’m heavily reminded of Dave Parsons (Sham69) in his stage presence and overall performance. Mark (bass/b.vox) throbs almost throughout while Gianfranco (drums) has a technically precise style. “Only The Lonesome” precedes their self-titled “Deviant Heart” before the excellent “24 Hours to Midnight”.

Deviant Heart
Deviant Heart 12

At times I’m reminded of 3rd Wave (fem-fronted) Punk bands like Action Pact and The Expelled, but they have a certain style unique to them. Lizzy seems to have issues hearing her vocals, but I can assure her we can hear them. They continue to grow in confidence and like their predecessors end on a popular cover. Rather apt it should be a Thin Lizzy cover. Lizzy (Lastic) shoves the mic in various faces within this crowd to assist in the chorus. Notably the Gloriaís boys who seem to be relishing the opportunity to assist with backing vocals. And that folks was that. A word for the venue which was new to us – free entry, decent drink choices, good atmosphere and some great bands. All in all worth a 60 mile round trip. The DIY Punk scene in Southampton would appear to be in good hands.

Set Lists
Deviant Heart
Greed Factor
Only the Lonesome
Deviant Heart
24 Hours to Midnight
Favourite Boy
Burning Baby
Story of your Life
Killer on the Loose (Thin Lizzy cover)

Gutter Rats
Put Your Clothes Back On
Bin Bags
Sign on
Fisticuffs in Fredrick Street (Toy Dolls)

The Gloria’s
Broken Hell
No Mercy
Trail of Tears
Can’t Stand the Reign
Look the Other Way
Better Than This
It’s All Good
Magic Money Tree


Review by Ross A. Ferrone
Pictures by Dave (Chinners) Chinery

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