Stop, Stop!

Having been a massive Stop, Stop! Fan for the last 3 years, this new album was something I was highly anticipating and also rather sceptical about.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect looking at the cover and new logo design, the fact they have also changed their image quite drastically made me a little worried that they weren’t going to be the same band I fell so in love with. I was wrong.

This album was reminding me of their previous album Barceloningham to begin with. Iím not complaining, Iíd love to see the band write some more tunes like the ones on Unlimited. However, after a few tracks, this new sound pushes itself forward which is something I was not expecting from the band and I love it – I am so happy that they have gone in this direction, I promise I’m not biased, they just keep getting better and better.

“Renegade” is a classic Stop, Stop! Style song. Riffy, driven and unique sounding – everything the band has brought through their last 3 albums. Very nice follow on from the Barceloningham album, giving me lots of Barceloningham vibes!

“The Last Call” is another classic unique song – there’s a twist at the end which makes you think a different song is playing which is pretty funky and different. I’m not sure I would have chosen it as a single, but in true Stop, Stop! Fashion the official video is very random and bizarre. Although after listening to this track a few times, I can see where they were going with this now.

Stop, Stop!

“Bite the Bully” has a wonderful chorus I can see a lot of people chanting back at their live shows; the bass is also very tasty in this track, itís going to go down well in my opinion.

“On The Red Line” is quite different for Stop, Stop! And I definitely approve! The vocal harmonies on the chorus are like nothing Iíve heard from the boys before – I didn’t expect this tune to be something they’d do but I am so happy that they have, possibly a favourite! I tell you, it has got a very Status Quo feel to it.

“Living A Lie” – I got ZZ Top vibes from this, to begin with. I am totally digging where they are going with this new sound. I think this particular track will go down a treat with New Wave of Classic Rock fans.

“You Drive Me Loco” – wow! Those harmonies! Thank you guys for writing this awesome tune. I love “With You” from their “Join The Party” album; this song could well replace that as a favourite for me. This song is giving me summer vibes ñ I have one thing to say about this songÖ ìitís amazingî

“Keyboard Warrior”, I do really love songs that relate to our current climate. We all know a keyboard warrior for sure and Iím sure the boys have probably had their fair share of keyboard warriors in their own lives ñ nice little modern tune, get to really experience the epicness of Danny Stix on drums, the “na-na-na’s” are also very “Hey Jude”.

“Whiner Doll”, oh yes, this is a very Stop,Stop! Tune. Again, it has the essence of a song that could have easily slotted in nicely on the Barceloningham album. If you’re a fan of songs with the occasional curse word in it, then this is for you.

“Son Of A Beast”, again this is a very rock ‘n roll tune! “Have It”, oh gosh YES! This song proper grabs you in the get and makes you want to party. You donít even get the chance to judge the song, it just sucks you in immediately. This song is going to be flaming epic performed live that is for sure.

Trending Topic – this is another sound I was not expecting from the band. Itís very classic rock that is for sure, it reminds me of 70’s bands but with the quite clear jabs at Facebook which makes it a modern rock song.

“You’re Rock ‘n Roll” is the final track on this album. Iím not sure it was the strongest song to finish the album with, but itís another great track! I honestly cannot fault this album and I really am not being biased one bit, I kind of wish I could be, but this is just a proper classic pure rock ëní roll album that covers all the needs of a rock ‘n roll lover.

FAVE SONGS: Drive Me Loco, Have It, Trending Topic and as a fan of the band, I am so proud of them right now and hope this album gives them even more well-earned/deserved success. As a rock ‘n roll/music lover, itís an album I think will go down well with like-minded people and bring Stop, Stop! To more peopleís attention.

This is an album that will take you by surprise you are an avid fan of the band, if youíre new to the world of Stop, Stop! I think this will grab your attention with both hands, shake you up and youíll never want to look back.

Stop, Stop! Will be coming to Southampton as part of Nozfest on the 10th August at The 1865. The shall be playing alongside bands such as 27 Days, Massive Wagons, Those Damn Crows, The Wicked Jackals and Marco Mendoza to name a few. Tickets £20 from – you won’t want to miss it!!

Band Members
Jacob A.M. (Lead singer & Bass guitar)
Vega: (Guitarist & Backing vocals)
Danny Spasov: (Drums & Backing vocals)


Article Written by Guest Reviewer Jodie Harris.

Stop, Stop!

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