Allendale Centre, Wimborne

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So, with Mr. Kyps but a recent memory Kyp has taken it upon himself to “keep his hand in” (so to speak); setting up shows at other venue’s in the conurbation. Tonight’s venue is Wimborne’s Allendale Centre. The room itself is not unlike Mr. Kyps in size and layout. And with a big headliner in town and the sun shining it was always going to be a winner. Tonight’s show is co/arranged by NBQ/UK Subs as a co/headline show – Charlie (Harper) and Shane (Creech) go way back. Joining this stellar line-up are two local heavyweights, equally at home on this big stage.

With a sizeable early crowd Self Abuse take to the stage. Not used to the ‘graveyard shift’ for years, they simply get on with the job in hand. They open with “Another Nightmare” which is anything but. They take a couple of songs to feel their way in and the soundman duly obliges. With only a 30 minute set talk is minimal, they literally breeze through their set. Old songs are paired with newie’s from their forthcoming EP, and Andy (vox) is in fine gurning mood. “Screenage” is delivered with the usual vigour with Dom’s legendary powerhouse hitting. “Derelict” and “Lies” bely their age and still sound fresh while “Blown a Fuse” and “Under Attack” mould their Grunge/Punk leanings effortlessly. They depart with a banger in “Celebrity Death Squad”, give a quick mention about merch and depart to great applause.

Self Abuse
Self Abuse 12345678

Next up is the fast-rising Sinful Maggie. This quartet have been busy on the gigging front and are really beginning to make a name for themselves. What sets them apart has to be the accordion Punk slant. Tonight they look totally at home on a larger stage as they use every inch. They open with ‘Old Dog’ and set out their stall early. Their brand of Folk/Punk gets the early movers down the front bouncing around. The band in turn up the ante with “Take Out” and “Rock ‘n Roll Prowess”. While Ollie’s (drums) hitting appears effortless, Russ to his left is chief shapeshifter. There’s the usual banter between Russ and Charlie, mainly good-natured as they continue to grow into their set. Their two standout tunes are played back to back, “Mr. Know It All” is introduced as being a song about someone we all know down our local, while “Shitfaced” is self-explanatory. Four more numbers of equal quality keep the dancers happy and the mood electric as this crowd is really letting go. They depart us on “Nature of Man” and get long, loud applause.

Sinful Maggie
Sinful Maggie 123456

About 12 years ago I was DJ-ing at my local music venue when we had legendary punk band Sham 69’performing. That night a lad who I didn’t know at the time kept thrusting a CD in my hand, asking me to play certain tracks. Happy to oblige a local I duly played the three songs in question. Wind forward a few years and I swap DJ-ing for music journalism and one of the first bands I review are tonight’s 2nd headliners The Mistakes. The lad in question was none other than rhythm guitarist Shane Creech (minus the bleached spiky top) and the rest, as they say, is history. I am pleased to say I have been around for the entire journey of this great band, and watched as they have pushed to a higher level than just being another Dorset-based also-ran. They open with the excellent “Underdog”. Ross (lead/vox) is in fine form, rabble-rousing this now warmed up crowd. He jokes, cajoles and generally gets the energy levels rising. “Together” has a Punky/Ska beat that just demands to be danced to. “That’s What You Get” is direct and confrontational while crowd fave “Never Be Quiet” is a call to arms. Tonight though I noticed something I’d not witnessed before, the chemistry between Ross and Shane – there’s a real bond there. Not to be outdone the other three all play their part. The temperature is rising and Lewis (drums) dispenses with his shirt, meanwhile Richie (bass) is sweating profusely. James (lead) to our right is no less energetic and pulling a few shapes, and on the whole the Mistakes tonight are right on the money. “Quitters Get Nothing” precedes recent single “Walk Tall” before they end on “Self Control”. Long, loud applause accompanies their departure as we now wait for the main event. A word for the crew and sound tonight – the changeover’s were remarkably short and the sound very good indeed.

The Mistakes
The Mistakes 123456

With barely time to buy refreshment, elder statesmen of the scene the UK Subs take to the stage. Tonight they are playing “Another Kind of Blues” in its entirety. Forty years on and the line-up may have changed, but it’s all about the songs. Charlie (vox) is in fine voice on opener “CID” and smiling throughout. “I Couldn’t Be You” follows and they just take it in their stride as once more the energetic among us move forward. Charlie amusingly introduces “I Live in a Car” which is as poignant today as when it was written. “Tomorrow’s Girls” gets more body’s moving down the front and “Rocker” gets the first big singalong. The often ignored “I.O.D.” gets a rare outing this evening before we vinyl junkies are treated to “side 2”.

UK Subs
UK Subs 12345678910

“TV Blues” is up first and while the energy levels are fading there’s no let-up onstage. Steve (guitars) is chief shapeshifter, never standing still for one second. “Blues” follows before another live favourite in “Lady Esquire”. “All I Wanna Know” precedes a brilliant “Crash Course” with accompanying singalongs. Tonight sees (from memory) the fastest version of “Disease”, before they end the main set with crowd favourite “Stranglehold” which is equally manic. There’s brief respite for the band before they hit us with their regular live offerings, beginning with the anthemic “Emotional Blackmail”. It’s hot in here and so the dancing has cooled, before the big singalong of live staple “Warhead”. A somewhat experimental version of “Party in Paris” is new to my ears, notably in the intro. While “You Don’t Belong” precedes set closer “New York State Police”. And that folks was that. Charlie and the boys take the plaudits and exit stage right.

For a relatively new venue, tonight was well attended by the usual faces and one or two more not too familiar. Proof if ever it were needed, if you get the right bands the punters will come. And for a venue not in the centre of town I can safely say it was a win-win. I hope this was not a one-off and that the signs of encouragement mean a few bookings more here. We shall see…

Set Lists
Self Abuse
Another Nightmare
No Change
Blown’ a Fuse
Under Attack
Celebrity Death Squad

Sinful Maggie
Old Dog
Take Out
R&R Prowess
Mr Know It All
Rebel Without a Cause
Lost & Long Forgotten
Zyklon B
Nature of Man

The Mistakes
That’s What You Get
Never Be Quiet
Quitters Get Nothing
Walk Tall
Self Control

UK Subs
I Couldn’t Be You
I Live in a Car
Tomorrow’s Girls
World War
T.V. Blues
Lady Esquire
All I Wanna Know
Crash Course
Young Criminals

Emotional Blackmail
Limo Life
Party in Paris
You Don’t Belong
New York State Police



Words by Ross A. Ferrone
Pictures & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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