Interview with Baleful Creed Guitarist John Allen ahead of Loverocks 2019

Baleful Creed

Now in its third year, Loverocks Festival, returns to Ferndown on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June. This year Loverocks lineup will include some of the best emerging rock and metal bands plus some top cover bands.

Ahead of the festival, we spoke with John Allen guitarist of Belfast-based heavy rockers Baleful Creed.

How do you feel about playing Loverocks?
“We’re all really excited. We live in Northern Ireland, so we donít often get to play in England. After seeing the line-up from last year, we were so impressed. There’s some great bands playing this year like Samarkind and Skam, so weíll definitely try and catch their sets.”

Do you have a pre-show ritual?
“Not really. There’s always a bit of nerves before a show, so I’ll usually have a pint of real ale. I’ll definitely be trying some of the Ringwood Brewery ale.”

What bands would your dream line-up include?
“Black Sabbath is my favourite band. But Iím also really into Rush and Anathema. I’ve seen them all at least 5-6 times.”

What’s your favourite memory on stage?
“We were playing in London about late last year. I was trying to flog some merch – as you do. Halfway through the show, the crowd – influenced by our frontman, Fin – started chanting “Del Boy, Del Boy” and the nickname has stuck ever since!”

Baleful Creed

Describe Baleful Creed’s sound for people who might not have heard of you
“If I was going to categorise us in one genre, it would be Heavy Rock. We have quite a classic, retro sound with elements of blues and southern rock. Black Sabbath is probably my main influence but many other bands are key influences too.”

What got you into music?
“I didn’t get into music until I was about 16 when I bought my first record, which was the album “A Kind Of Magic” by Queen. It was in 1993 that we first tried to actually start Baleful Creed. It didn’t hit off first time around so we went on a hiatus until 2009, then Fin and I decided we wanted to start playing again.”

What does your Mum think of Baleful Creed?
“My mum has both our album’s, but I’m not sure if she listens to them. Baleful Creed is not the kind of music she normally listens to!”

Tickets for Loverocks 2019 as well as the full line up are available at here.


Interview by Theo Meddelton.
Photo By Evelyn Barr.

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