The Joiners, Southampton

Our Propaganda

Tonight we are at the Joiners in Southampton for Rock Night; one of a series put on by young up-and-coming promoter Jodie Bowie, featuring three bands all who have a very different slant on the genre. The first of these is Spyder Byte, a five-piece sleaze metal band who look they could be extras from the recent Motley Crue film “The Dirt”. Banderas, sleeveless t-shirts, ripped jeans and copious amounts of hair, you get the picture. It’s still early with only around twenty people watching and the band arrive on stage with a huge amount of positivity treating it as if it’s Wembley Stadium – as Wembley is busy tonight with Bon Jovi the Joiners will have to do. They look the part; they have the energy and the attitude, but how do they sound?

Kicking off with “On Time” from their 2015 “Addictive” album their sound is big and bold with two guitars and big powerful rhythms, coupled with Dan’s hard-edged vocals. They are great fun to watch showing the moves and influences of their idols, with a few new ones of their own thrown in too. A highlight of their set is the brash, hard-hitting ‘In Your Face’ which livens things up further with an infectious guitar loop and chorus. The band leave the stage to no doubt top up on Jack Daniels and get enthusiastic applause for their troubles.

Spyder Byte
Spyder Byte 123456

Next up are the Crooked Shapes a three-piece from Reading who take a very different approach to their rock – their influences go back a little further than the rock clubs of Los Angeles. Their sound is most definitely coming more from a British direction. They feature George Twydell on vocals/guitar, the 2nd George (Ives) on vocals/bass and not a George but Craig Carlaw on drums. Together from the start they have supreme chemistry and make a really beautiful noise, with some exquisite guitar work that radiates around this historic venue. With songs like “Wicked Ways” and the epic “Fallout” they keep the audience mesmerized with a series of excellent displays of musicianship. Though it’s  original it distinctly pays homage to some of the great musical ancestors of the past. They end with their new single “Let It Go” (thankfully not a cover of that horrible song from Frozen) and George number 1 rips off his shirt (Steady Ladies!!) and jumps down into the audience, while still playing his guitar. A really fantastic set by an out of town band that really impress the audience, who give them plenty of appreciation as they leave the stage.

Crooked Shapes
Crooked Shapes 123456

Tonight’s headliners need no introduction around these parts. Local boys Our Propaganda are a band that I have been fortunate to see on many occasions and each time they just seem to get better. With (finally) their debut album on the horizon the band tonight showcase some songs from it.

The band is fronted by the flamboyant Jack Denton, who just oozes all the rock n roll credentials. In his long floral patterned coat he delivers a vocal that is powerful and passionate in equal amounts. The four guys have a real bond and you can see they are supremely well-rehearsed and that everything they do looks so natural. The new material sounds really epic and the guys look like they are going to deliver an album that should catapult them onto much bigger stages with tunes like “Essential Love”, the more delicate but equally as moving “Above Me” and the very infectious “A Cigarette For Your Sins”. The local crowd thoroughly enjoy all Our Propaganda have to give and seem to want more even after they have played the final number. The worthy headliners return to Southampton for a special show at The 1865 on the 27th September.

Our Propaganda
Our Propaganda 12345678

Our Propaganda
Essential Love
Come a Little Closer
Gold in your Hands
Summer in Herrenburg
Fast Food at Midnight
Above Me
How Can We as Children
A Cigarette for your Sins

Crooked Shapes
Wicked Ways
Chains in My Mind
Crooked Shapes
Leave Me for Dead
Let It Go

Spyder Byte
On Time
Nocturnal Beauty
New Blood
In Your Face




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Words, Pictures & Videos by David “Epic” Chinery (Chinners)
Additional media by Josh Chinery

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