Spring Park

London/Midlands trio Spring Park have been busy of late writing and recording songs for their new EP ‘Happy Holidays’. And that was preceded by an appearance on the Arena Stage at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. But if you canít wait for the latest EP you could do worse than indulge yourself in a copy of their 2016 release ‘Blow Up Your TV’ EP. Four mighty slabs of anthemic Punk/Pop.

Title track “Blow Up Your TV” has a ferocious drum intro that paves the way for a throbbing bass. The Yank-inspired vocal then takes centre stage and the infectious chorus is definitely one for the live arena. The guitar is subtle by comparison, just nestling in the background before a noodly bridge makes itself known.

“Dark Side” is milder by comparison but that familiar vocal comes to the fore once again. More “woah, woah, woah’s” are present on this anthemic number with its singalong American Pop/Punk sensibility. Yet more thunderous hitting throughout, while each song just seems to meld into the next.

“Shipwrecks” is more of the same from this trio; with a carefully placed vocal from a certain ‘Mr. Spunk Volcano’, before the main chorus. There’s an almost whispered vocal part that keeps it interesting amid another infectious chorus on this anthemic song.

“Cease Fire” takes the pace down with a simple yet audible vocal. Again they’ve gone down the (tried and tested) anthemic route, with accompanying pounding snare. The short, sharp ending, however, is just perfect.

While Spring Park have elements of many Punk genre’s they are creating a sound quite their own. If this is the benchmark then they have set the bar high and I/We look forward to the next release. For now, though let this wonderful four-track EP rightfully take its place in your record collection. On this evidence these guys are on the up.

Spring Park

Sewer Rat Records SRR004

Track listing
Blow Up Your TV!
Dark Side
Shipwrecks (ft Spunk Volcano)
Cease Fire

Band members
Ant – Bass/Backing
Scott -Drums/Backing
Stew – Guitar/Vocals



Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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