The Anvil, Bournemouth

The Fallen State

Tonight the area’s number one promoter Dom Patience of Chalk Ink Promotions has once again brought another Sold Out show to Bournemouth. It is one of over 60 shows that he has brought to the area this year, he is a major player in helping to keep our local music scene alive. Rock band The Fallen State is in town tonight for the last night of their UK Tour. Their tour was initially delayed due to some serious health issues experienced by guitarist Dan Oke, who thankfully after some surgery is now back on his feet and firing on all cylinders.

As with most shows, there is a great line up of supports as an added attraction and the first of these are a band who have travelled down the rain-soaked motorway from Andover, looking like they have just come off a building site. Five-piece “Bloodhounds” take to the stage with plenty of energy and a powerful twin guitar sound that gives the Anvil P.A. an early shakedown. Their sound comes from a host of Rock, Metal and Grunge influences with frontman Joey Newell sharing a variety of vocals styles with his robust voice. “Hollow” has them sounding a little like a Grunge Soil, while final number “Pit Of Snakes” shows a whole different side of the band’s sound with a great, well put together tune that leaves the Bournemouth audience wanting more.

Bloodhounds 123

Next up are local Bournemouth boys Black Tree Vultures who are clearly up for the challenge tonight. They start like coiled springs and are positively bouncing during their opening number. All eyes are on frontman Celyn who charges around this small stage delivering fine passionate vocals and making sure every audience member gets involved. They are a pleasure to watch with every band member playing their part from Jono’s precise drumming, to Ched’s big basslines coupled with Aaron’s expertise on his atmospheric effect driven guitar. We are treated to tunes like the hard-hitting Metal fuelled “No More Apathy”, along with some newer tunes including their last number “Devil”, where Celyn shows his appreciation for the support by going out into the audience to deliver heartfelt hugs. The band leave the stage triumphant after a fantastic 30 minutes, setting the bar high for the out of town bands ahead.

Black Tree Vultures
Black Tree Vultures 12345

The Main tour support comes from a band flying the New Wave Of Classic Rock banner high and proud. The Cruel Knives who feature Sid Glover (Guitar) and Rob Ellershaw (Bass) of the now disbanded “Heaven’s Basement” have joined forces with Al Junior (Drums) and Tom Harris (Vocals). The band are armed with a plethora of great tunes and kick-off with the huge “Black Eye Friday”, where the naturally talented Sid shows us his considerable skills with his six-string. Frontman Tom gives us unbounding energy and faultless vocal delivery. The crowd are lapping up everything the band have to offer from the bass intro of “Itch” to the epic uplifter “Crawl”. Their set is a perfect aperitif to the headliners and one that the audience seem to thoroughly enjoy.

The Cruel Knives
The Cruel Knives 12345678

The headliners fight their way through the “Sold Out” crowd to the stage, it’s one of the most intimate shows of the tour and the band are clearly up for ending this tour in style. Kicking off with one of their earlier tunes “Lost Cause” from the EP “Three”, the band are immediate in finding their stride. Space is tight on this small stage, however, the band still ooze loads of energy with frontman Ben Stenning delivering his vocal right into the faces of the audience who are lined up right in front of him. The band formed back in 2013 and have slowly but surely built themselves a loyal following through hard work and a great live reputation. Tours with Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm and Tremonti have done them no harm.

The Fallen State
The Fallen State 12345

Tonight’s show features a host of tunes from the band’s recent album released earlier this year “A Deadset Endeavour”, with crowd favourites “Lovers & Psychos”, “American Made” and “For My Sorry” getting the fans singing along with the band. They certainly have an eye on the future and there are plenty of great things happening in 2020 for the band to announce. No matter how many times you hear it “Nova” is a huge tune with the ability to move you, it’s a song that soars and shows the band at their creative best. From the guitar solo to the hugely passionate soaring vocal delivery, it’s just one of those tunes every band wish they could create. The band leave the stage after an hour and a half of great live performance, with the crowd giving them the adulation they deserve.

Set Lists
The Fallen State
Lost Cause
Sons of Avarice
Send Up the World
Lovers & Psychos
American Made
Four Letter Word
For My Sorrow
Burn It to the Ground
Can’t Fight the Feeling
Drum Solo
You Want It

The Cruel Knives
Black Eye Friday
Maybe I Should Know
Kill the Messenger
Hollow People
Blood in the Water
On A Fucking Leash

Black Tree Vultures
Suicide Risk
No More Empathy
Pull Apart
Run Back To the Dark
Evil 666

She’s Been Drinking Artwork
Think for Yourself Imminent Funk
Pit of Snakes






Words, Pictures & Video by David Chinery (Chinners)
Additional Media by Joshua Chinery.

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