Matt JR Hurley

Bristol-based singer/songwriter Matt Hurley has recently released a new single entitled “What Am I ?”. The song was inspired by a road trip he undertook through the French Alps a few years back. Matt explains, “I remember looking at the mining towns in some of the valleys where the sun never touched. I remember thinking they must be hard places to live and that it would definitely put you to the test to reside there. This thought gave birth to a song that applies the same thinking but with someone’s mental health. It’s a lament that asks what am I when I’m stuck in the shade.” This could be in the midst of a trying situation or a life journey that is proving difficult. Matt has written the song in a hope that it will allow listeners to express their own sometimes challenging emotions through the song’s lyrics and melodies.

Matt JR Hurley

The Ex-Dorset resident has crafted some uplifting meaningful lyrics that come from his big Christian heart, which is full of love with a desire to help others with his powerful lyrics. Along with a beautifully atmospheric, melodic electric guitar backing and simple rhythms, Matt’s dignified voice soars with the emotions of his words. The song shows a considerable progression from Matt’s 2016 EP “Raising Questions”. His style, production and confidence all seem to have improved, with subtle but effective tweaks. The single is out now and can be found on Spotify here.



Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

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