The Anvil, Bournemouth

Tim Somerfield

Local singer/songwriter Tim Somerfield is a very versatile chap, he can usually be found performing solo in a host of venues playing a mixture of covers and originals. As a quick look at his bandcamp will show he is a prolific songwriter and has released a number of singles and EP which have gained him plenty of praise. Of course, playing solo gives Tim great flexibility as he is able to turn up at a variety of different venues with just an acoustic guitar and loop pedal set up to perform. Though clearly playing solo has its many benefits, Tim still yearns to give his songs the advantages of having a full band around him. With this in mind he has recruited three willing chaps which include popular local singer/songwriter Mikey Ball on electric guitar, Anthony Culshaw on bass and Alex Cope on drums who collectively are known as the Kingfoil Tonight we are at the Anvil for Tim’s latest EP release and to see the debut of the new band.

Before tonight’s main attraction we have three very different hand-picked support acts to entertain us. The first of these is Cherry Morris, a local singer who is here with Cajon player Chris Tybjerg. The set is mainly made up of tracks from her new EP “Just One Year”, which is due for release in January. The delicate string work on her acoustic guitar; combined with smooth well delivered vocals, coupled with Chris’s accompanied rhythms show why her talents won her the 2018 Bournemouth Unplugged competition. The songs are written from a very personal point of view with “Through The Night” telling the tale of falling in love with someone she should not have and “Miles Apart”, describing a much better relationship experience. A short set full of highlights and with her full band show last week at Oxjam, Cherry proves her fine versatility.

Cherry Morris
Cherry Morris 1

Next up is a chap who has formerly played with Tim in his Rock covers function band TKO and also plays bass in Jack Grace’s Band. Philip John is not only a great session musician, he can also provide some rather special entertainment when he performs solo. Tonight a rather noisy Anvil basement is silenced by his commanding voice, which fills every corner of this room. Every member of the audience looks towards the stage to see where this wondrous vocal sound is coming from. With just an acoustic guitar with a couple of subtle pedal effects Philip performs his original material including a new tune “Masterless Man”; as well as tracks from his debut EP including “Russian Doll” and “Only Follow”, where his voice positively erupts with a beautiful sound impressing everyone in the room.

Philip John
Philip John 12

Next up are Plastic Jeezus one of my favourite Ukulele-fronted trio’s. Now forgive me this indulgence, but as they start their first number “Leg Day”; I am imagining them all dressed in sportswear with their headbands on, as seen in the hilarious recent video for the song which is all about procrastination. They deliver a host of quirky ditties full of clever, sometimes sarcastic lyrics which easily make you smile. One of the tunes “Moaning With Pleasure” could have easily been written by TV character Victor Meldrew, with it detailing one of the UK’s favourite pastimes. Their infectious rhythms and catchy choruses keep the audience’s attention throughout. We are even treated to a brand new song in the form of “The Size of Whales”, which features some hilarious lyrics about a father buying a son various exotic pets via the internet late at night including a “Blue Whale purchased in the sale”! Plastic Jeezus is a priceless local commodity who are there for all to discover and enjoy. Wow – we have really been spoilt tonight with some great music and we have not even seen the headliners yet.

Plastic Jeezus
Plastic Jeezus 123

Finally, it’s time for local legend Tim Somerfield the Afro Ninja to take to the stage and for the first few numbers, it is the familiar format of the acoustic guitar. He has carefully selected the set-list to feature songs from all areas of his back catalogue, including a few rarely heard tunes which seem to create an early buzz amongst the audience. It is then time for the band to take to the stage and this is where the magic really happens. You can feel the anticipation and see the excitement within the band who are fully ready to go. Tim peers through his mountain of hair; takes a deep breath and kicks off, now playing an electric guitar. The band seem well-rehearsed and have plenty of chemistry with lots of eye contact, along with a few nervous smiles. Their combined considerable abilities really add a new definition to Tim’s songs, particularly the songs from the new EP with great tunes like “The Groove” and the epic ‘Winter is Coming’ which was inspired by television series Game Of Thrones. Ending on the recent single “Colourblind” the crowd gives the band plenty of well-deserved appreciation for what has been a great set. Thankfully this is not just a one-off and the band have further plans to play live again in the near future.

Tim Somerfield
Tim Somerfield 123456

Set List
Tim Somerfield
There There
Super Villain Alter Ego
Musical Sauce
Time’s the Only Thing We Have to Loose
Loving You
Dirty Words Come Clean
Son of Zeus
The Travelling Man
Good Love & Promises
The Groove
Winter is Coming
Better Man



Words, Pictures & Videos by David Chinery (Chinners).