Live & Unheard, Lighthouse Poole

While comedian Russell Brand is upstairs doing his one-man show in one of the larger halls here at the Lighthouse, on the ground floor in the Sherling Studio music lovers have gathered to see what April’s “Live & Unheard” has to offer. Tonight three very different original acts have been gathered for our entertainment, also giving the acts experience playing in a purpose-built, beautifully acoustic room. This gig is a monthly event and tickets cost just over £10 for three hand-picked quality acts, personally sought out by Hangover Hill’s experienced team of Matt Black and Mel Berkhauer.

This evening’s first act is a singer/songwriter Simon Lane, a previously local chap who moved away to France where he got himself a band together and recorded an album. Tonight Simon takes to the stage solo with just his acoustic guitar and a mouth harp to recreate his original songs. Opening with the title track of the French recorded album “You Me and The Stars”, it’s immediately clear what a fine vocal tone this chap has and it’s further enhanced by the impressive auditory surroundings. He is clearly more of a lover than a fighter and his beautiful lyrics show a tender caring thoughtful side to his nature. Sometimes you can listen to an artist and once you leave the gig that is the last you see/think/hear of them. Simon’s songs have made an impression on me and clearly many members in the audience too. The songs are emotive and have powerful lyrics to which many of us can relate to. “The Ticket” is a tune about appreciating all that you have before it’s too late and “Midnight” is a beautiful, atmospheric number about spending intimate time in Paris with the one you love.

Simon Lane
Simon Lane 123

“I Will Be Here” is a number that will touch anyone who hears it, with the song being sung as if it was by someone who has passed away and they are portraying how they feel. The track was originally written for a funeral and the death of the person clearly inspired Simon’s writing skills to create this largely unheard masterpiece. The song from beyond the grave is a song that just gives you goosebumps, bringing out your own thoughts of anyone close to you that you’ve lost. Simon’s voice perfectly matches these songs and it has a beautifully balanced tone that penetrates your soul if you are freely open to it. Simon Lane is certainly an unheard gem and tonight in front of this audience he has performed possibly one of the best “Live & Unheard” sets witnessed in this room.

Next up is songstress Susie Kimber who has recently been found performing with local band “SUBBzero”, as well as entertaining audiences with mostly covers in local pubs and clubs. Tonight here is the first time she is showcasing her original material in public. Susie confesses to have a few nerves and to help her through her set is ‘Internationally renowned’ pianist Matt Black, and he dressed just for the occasion wearing his piano key emblazoned pyjamas. Like Simon, Susie writes from the heart about personal experiences and the first number “Things Can Never Be the Same” is about a subject that is currently very close to Susie’s heart. The song is sung with loads of passion and at times you can almost feel the pain that lead to the song being written. Her voice is powerful, clear and full of deep sentiment; it’s difficult not to appreciate the potential she has if this is only her first time performing in a venue such as this.

Susie Kimber
Susie Kimber 12

With songs like her recent debut single “Don’t Wait” written during the pandemic and a charming song called “Beautiful” about a parents love for their children; Susie breezes through the gig showing off her impressive abilities as a performer, expertly accompanied by Matt’s understated keys work. At the sets conclusion the audience give a well deserved rapturous round of applause for a great nights work.

The final act of the evening is a five-piece Dorset Space/Rock band called “Cee Luna” or as host, Matt Black called them “Luna Cee”, which he thinks might be more appropriate. The band feature Jamie Parker (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Jack Ansell (Bass), Will Sear (Keys) along with two drummers Tim Venning and Rick Veall. Starting with “Turn Away” the band shows themselves to have a unique sound with influences from many areas including Rock, Funk, Punk and plenty of Progressive elements. An epic 10-minute plus instrumental called “Ejecta” takes on a space-age journey through a host of musical textures and musical patterns.

Cee Luna
Cee Luna 1234

Jamie uses his considerable pedalboard to give his guitar lots of different sounds with an array of Wah Wah pedals and looping effects. The two drummers really show their worth with some impressive solo’s, along with a almost telepathic connection between the two of them. The keyboards add a combination of different melodious, electronic sounds to the mix; while the bassist is almost android-like, stiffly playing his high attached bass with a variety of majestic styles including the ‘Mark King Slap’. Performing a cascade of tracks including the rocking “Lucifer” and the possibly pandemic inspired “Locked in Your Room”, the tracks go from mellow to uproarious with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way, The drumming is so thunderous that people watching Russell Brand above could possibly feel the vibrations from below! Cee Luna concludes their set having impressed the well-entertained audience, who give them the positive reaction that their set deserved.

Set Lists
Cee Luna
Turn Away
Number 33
Make What You Will
Locked in Your Room
Can’t Go On
Anything Else (What’s Left)

Susie Kimber
Things Can Never Be the Same
Letting You Go
Don’t Wait

Simon Lane
Just You Me and the Stars
The Ticket
I Will Be Here



May’s Live & Unheard will feature Aaron O’Shea and Quorum & Mairena who will perform at the Lighthouse, Poole on Thursday 12th May. You can purchase your tickets in advance here.

Words & Media by David Chinery.

Cee Luna