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Parkstone’s Mr Kyps have started up their ‘Curiosity’ nights once again. Previous acts have included The Rumble Strips, Six Nation State and The Noisettes just to name a few. The series of gigs are put on a monthly basis is giving a chance for up and coming bands to take to the stage to showcase their material and with entry fee at just £1 the audience get great value for money. The 1st of these such events included 3 bands, 2 of which are local with headliners ‘Mirror Kicks’ from London.

The 1st band on were ‘King of Hearts’ fronted by talented singer song writer Phil Savil. The band have recently been busy writing new material and rehearsing for new live ventures. The four piece from Bournemouth impressed from the start with their easy to listen style of melodic rock. The twin guitars built a big wall of sound around Phil’s powerful impressive vocals. The band performed for around 30 minutes with each number being received well by the (initially) quiet Mr Kyps’s crowd. The stand out track for me came in the form of the rocking and harmonious ‘Coming Home’ which was written about the military serving abroad.

The Sabre’s are a band on a mission. They arrived on stage with a fire in their eyes totally ready to put on a great show. Gareth(Bass), Mart(Drums) and Ritchie(Guitar/Vocals) play fast paced rock and the three piece combine confidently together to make a great noise that packs a real punch. The songs such as ‘Causualty’, ‘CCTV’ and the beautifully crafted ‘Full Moon’ generate a buzz of mass appreciation from the audience. The guitar work is second to none, I am sure we will be hearing a lot more of these in the coming months. They have all the right ingredients and could very easily become your new favourite band.

The ‘Mirror Kicks’ are a three piece band who met at Secondary School, brothers Anil(Guitar/Vocals) and Edwin(Drums) hooked up with Gerard(bass)immediately forming a friendship which finally resulting in them making music together. The band took to the stage with very few people in the audience knowing much about them, apart for a few snatched moments watching their videos on YouTube. The performance was of high calibre and the band played well, with lead singer making some great guitar sounds based around lots of interesting effects. The bass player Gerard (who looked a lot like British film actor Jason Statham) seemed to be in a world of his own with the flow of the music seemingly taking him over. The Kyps crowd were appreciative but sadly the atmosphere was a bit lacking to make it a truly great show.


King Of Hearts

The Sabres

Mirror Kicks

Words and pictures by;
Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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