Mr Kyps, Poole

Its Wednesday night and Mr. Kyps is once again hosting an ‘In the Round’ gig featuring none other than JJ72 frontman Mr. Marc Greaney. But first we are treated to a an uncommon & albeit different proposition in the form of local rockers Voodoo Vegas (unplugged).

Voodoo Vegas

It is strange seeing a 6 piece band sitting in a line facing the audience,but it works! Laurence as usual is bantering with the crowd throughout, his confidence & humour is flowing tonight. Not being a massive Voodoo Vegas convert I arrive late but still catch the last couple of numbers. Seeing four acoustic guitars played at once, (to me) shouldn’t work, and yet it does. This band have been around a while now & know their way around the circuit,they appear totally at ease ‘in the round’ & this reviewer finds it hard not to applaud their music. I catch the end of ‘So Unkind’ before they give us a ‘Ballad’ & end with the singalong ‘Mary Jane’

Perfect Girl.
King Without a Crown.
So Unkind.
Mary Jane.

Mark Greaney

And so to the headliner. Marc Greaney made his name with indie rockers JJ72, but is now embarking on a solo career. He opens with ‘Animal’ then launches into possibly his finest offering, the brilliant ‘October Swimmer’ to the delight of the crowd (me included)! ‘Hero Hero’ is a new song where Marc shows his vocal range-he then tunes up & says ‘Sorry, I’m a little nervous’-we don’t believe a word of it! ‘Formulae’ still sounds fresh alongside ‘Radio’ among a mix of old and new. Marcs trademark vocal has lost none of its power,while his newer material could be enjoyed solo or with band. He really gets into his stride & starts pulling shapes more. ‘History of a Cannibal’ is the set highlight for me with its haunting chorus,such is the ferocity of vocal delivery,shortly followed by ‘Snow’.

The show ends with ‘Oiche Mhaith’ which we are informed means Goodnight! No encore is forthcoming so we reflect on another high quality booking by Mr. Burnell, especially considering this is a ‘one-off’ show, not part of a tour. I meet Marc backstage to discuss all things musical in his life. He is working toward a solo LP but says he has no immediate plans to return to his ‘Punk’ side project ‘Concerto of Constantine’. In a world of instant fame & manufactured pop careers it is great to find an artist as humble as Marc. The days of TOTPs appearances may be long gone but its good to see someone sticking to their art of writing & recording ‘solid’ music. Long may it continue!

October Swimmer
Hero Hero
Style 609
Brother Sleep
Long Way South
Rubble of Angels
Nothing in this World
History is a Cannibal
Oiche Mhaith

First photo from

Gig pictures by Diamien Godley

Words by Ross Ferrone.

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