Derby four piece band The James Warner Prophecies have been in touch with the Rock Regeneration office to tell us all that we should all be listening to their new single ‘You Are The Sun’, which was released on the 16th April.

It starts of slowly at a gentle pace with a flute intro, then a full blast of full pace rock at around minute when the full guitars and Joe’s hard edged delivered vocals kick in. A few listens and this will get under your skin, an impressive offering from a band that are planning on really going places with an original twist with classic elements.

They, after reading through their website, caught my attention as for a nice change they do not take themselves too seriously and seem to be all about having lots of fun touring the UK playing their own original style of Rock.

The Midlands hard edged four piece rock band have supported a variety of larger bands such as Supergrass, The Blockheads, The King Blues and Alabama 3, as well as playing in front of 20,000 people in their home town after winning a best unsigned band competition.

Be warned though their Bass player who is nick-named ‘Thom The Bastard’ and looks very much like Hurley from TV Series ‘Lost’, however he has a horrific sordid past, so under any circumstances do not approach him, just watch his artistry from a safe distance.

You may also be surprised to know that the band’s only female member Kate, is brave enough to bring a Flute to a Rock n Roll show and actually play it, I am not sure any one has done that since Jethro Tull in the 1970’s and no one can remember that far back anyway. From what small amount I heard from the band’s website they certainly do seem worth checking out as they have lots of different elements to the music that certainly would make them stand apart from the rest.


Dave Chinery(Chinners).