Champions, Bournemouth

Tonight is Bank Holiday Monday and the final night of five nights of BH One’s fifth birthday celebrations, the gigs have all so far been well attended and organiser Tony Foster is giving money raised to well deserved local charities Julia’s House and Poole Hospital.

The first band of the night are ‘Saturday Sun’, there has been some good things said about thing band recently, so I am eager to see if they are as good as everyone is saying they are. They look a little uncomfortable and not really very confident at first. It was a bit like watching someone on the X factor, when they start to play it is a different matter the band sound is truly inspiring. The lead singer is something very special and I don’t really think he has that much self belief. He should do as the noise that comes from his velvet vocal chords left the champions crowd stunned.

Saturday Sun

The five piece band use electric and acoustic guitars coupled with synths. A device called an e-bow is used across the guitar and bass strings to make a rich harmonic sound that fascinates the gathered crowd, the over all sound has echoes of experimental bands such as Radiohead and early Pink Floyd. Bournemouth certainly has not seen the like of Saturday Sun before, with a little more confidence anything is possible. The end their set rather abruptly and leave the stage with the crowd curiously wanting to hear more.

The Blackwater Caravan

The Blackwater Caravan are up next and the three piece power through a decent set of songs that include some really intense impressive guitar work backed amply by the solid rhythm section. Despite a few equipment problems mid set, they carry on professionally as though nothing had happened. Zac Harris delivers some harmonious vocals on their stand out tune of the night ‘Destroy What You Don’t Deserve’ giving the Bournemouth’s crowd ear a truly intensive work out.


The next band Rapids are one of Bournemouth’s great musical hopes after getting themselves a record deal in 2009 with London label Heist Or Hit, the five piece band fronted by Matt Holiday deliver a fine set of indie style rock tunes with a clever twist, songs such as opener ‘The Elitist’ and ‘Fuses’ are strangely addictive reeling in the listeners with clever guitar rifts and synth effects. The band play a few new tracks from their much anticipated upcoming EP ‘Littleblood’ including a number called ‘Comets’. Matt delivers his vocals in a really passionate energetic way, hunched over his synthesizer getting more carried away as the set goes on. During the final number he ended up collapsed on the floor of the stage exhausted with his hands bound by his microphone lead.


Mutant Vinyl, tonight’s worthy headliners have promised a memorable show with a host of special guests lined up to add an extra ingredients to their genre busting style. As the band bound onto the stage it is apparent that they are excited as the audience are performing here tonight. The powerful energy does not stop for the entire time that they are on stage from the heavy reggae beats of ‘Dread’ and the impressive saxophone solos of ‘Pinks Dagga’. Just when you thought things could not get any better the band bring on surprise guest Kaya Olivia Worth Campbell the daughter of Dorset famous local resident UB40’s Ali Campbell. Kaya provides vocals for a delightful version of the Kings of Leon number ‘Knocked Up’ and next Martin Roberts of Discos Out (Murders In) steps up to provide some Trumpet accompaniment to ‘Acid Honey’.

The band leave the stage and the crowd go wild after witnessing a very special set, the volume increases as the crowd demands more. Lead vocalist Ed came on and said we cannot play any more as we don’t know anything else. After a quick huddle they get up Claire Smart of ‘Country Hospital’ fame and produce a storming version of The Clash’s ‘Guns Of Brixton’ which starts with the famous bass line, pounded out by Ed with colossal style. The whole song ends in chaos with Ed being carried off the stage on some of the crowds shoulder while still playing the bass, with all eventually ending up on the floor in a chaotic heap on the floor. The end of a great few evening of music showing everything that the local area has to offer, if you missed out you should be ashamed, it cannot really get any better than this…….Can it ?

Sleep Can Wait
Your Skin Pricks a Tease
The Wind That Woke Our Baby
Pinks Dagga
Knocked Up ( Featuring Kaya Olivia Worth Campbell on vocals)
Acid Honey (Featuring Jack Grace on guitar and Martin Roberts on Trumpet)
Guns of Brixton (Featuring Rob Weaver on Guitar+Clare Smart on Vocals)


Saturday Sun

The Blackwater Caravan


Mutant Vinyl

Pictures, Videos and Review By

Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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