Til Dusk have recently supplied us a copy of their album, “Cold Lust”, and it proves to be a very interesting listen.

From its opening track, “In This Place”, there are a variety of things going on. My initial impression was Duran Duran within the first few seconds. Not what I expected when first playing the album. But as the album progresses they certainly have a sound which seems to draw on various sounds, predominatly, from the eighties.

The first three tracks firmly placing them in the rock category. Slowing up for the track “JJ”, they show a softer more introspective side. Moving through the album I particularly drawn to “Evernamed”, a laid back, story of the Brave.

As the album progresses the track “Cold Lust” reminds me of Deep Purple, or more specifically the keyboards and guitar (late ’60s, early ’70s). Then finally picking the pace back up for the last track, ‘Lies They Sell’.

Their sound is almost anachronistic, with what seems like cues to the 80’s, it could be said that it does not belong in 2011, yet they pull it off. With a crisp sound, they possess the production values of the 21st century. I desperately want to avoid using the cliches of the AoR and MoR tags, but they fit well – yet not in a bad or disrespectful way.

Describing themselves as infusing their music with ‘vintage and modern rock’, they certainly have a wide range of influences, which they pull together without loosing a sense of purpose, or their own individuality.

For me there are two stand out tracks, ‘Evernamed’ and ‘Cold Lust’. This is not to say the other tracks are fillers, but these two left the biggest impression, closely follwed by “Lies They Sell”. Showing the ability to fuse together different sounds, and producing a modern sound.

Having had to recently travel for work “Cold Lust” provided a refreshing change on the iPod whilst driving across the UKs motorways on a sunny day.

My only complaint was through each listen of the album, it seemed to be over quicker than expected. Maybe just the joys of sitting on the Motorway!


Words by Jon.

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