Tonight is the second date of a UK tour for Maryland, USA pop punk band The Dangerous Summer, their 1st album ‘Reach For The Sky’ was released in 2009 and the stand out track from it “The Permanent Rain” was used in the trailer of the Jennifer Aniston ‘Chick flick’ film ‘Love Happens’. In July 2011 the band are to release their anticipated second album , an eleven track affair called ‘War Paint’. Tonight the busy iBar is packed with expectant music fans in anticipation of the evenings entertainment.

Alternate Function

The first band on are the local Ferndown, based female fronted ‘Alternate Function’ who get the evening off to a great start with a set of promising self penned numbers that were built around two shining new Telecaster guitars. The young talented band deliver a set full of infectious enthusiasm with great songs such as ‘Closer’ and a couple of covers including a well received version of ‘Dammit’ by Blink 182.

Peace, Love and Gloves

As Bournemouth band ‘Peace, Love and Gloves’ take to the stage the sizeable crowd in the iBar swells to maximum capacity within seconds, it is as though the band have bought a small army of fans who soon take over the whole venue chanting and shouting like a rowdy football crowd at the band they had all seemingly come to see. Lead singer Mark Mullady produces some excellently executed vocals, sung/rapped in an original way at a quick pace.

The songs are catchy and within no time the ‘home’ crowd are singing the words right back at the band, with songs such as the excellent ‘Toy Story’ the band all deliver in a big way, a performance that could put many to shame. The atmosphere in the place was the best I have experienced here. Even the band were up to tricks, with wicked grins on their faces played the intro of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ at the beginning of each song as a wind-up to lead singer Mark. The band over run their set and are told to end as time is tight with four bands on the bill, egged on by the crowd they continue to play and start to perform ‘Monster’ until the power is pulled by the venue staff, much to the disgust of the unhappy crowd, it went a bit crazy for a while but everything calmed down and the stage was prepared for the next band.

Straight Lines

It was hard for ‘Straight Lines’ to take to the stage and follow on from everything that had just happened, they bravely carried on to under half the crowd that had been in the venue just 20 minutes before. All credit to them they put together a set for numbers that showed promise, the band from South Wales gave lots of energy and showed that the suitably titled album ‘Persistence in this Game’ would certainly be one that would find a place in this writer’s collection. They left the stage very humbly and with a very polite Welsh manner thanking the crowd for their attention.

The Dangerous Summer

Just before starting their performance a tray containing a row of 4 shots were brought to the four members of The Dangerous Summer, each member drank down in one gulp raising their glasses to the expectant audience. The four piece start a 45 minute set they shows off their many talents of the two guitar players, Cody Payne and Bryan Czap who proceed to create some great effects from the many pedals at their feet. The crowd go wild for the second time tonght as ‘The Permanent Rain’ is belted out with a guitar sound that U2’s The Edge would be proud of, lead vocalist and bass player AJ Perdomo seemed genuinely impressed with the excellent crowd reaction and throw’s in an extra number to the set from the new album ‘No Ones Gonna Need You No More’ and the ending the set with the emotional ‘Never Feel Alone’. The band leave the stage fired up and stating they were going to party and get drunk as Saturday night in Bournemouth was there kind of place.

Where I Wanna Be
Good Things
The Permanent Rain
Northern Lights
This Is War
A Space To Grow
Everyone Left
No Ones Gonna Need You More
Never Feel Alone


The Dangerous Summer

Straight Lines

Alternate Function


Words and Video by Dave Chinery(Chinners)

Pictures by Alex Freeman

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