Sound Circus, Bournemouth

Tonight saw the second of the semi-finals, with another three great local bands battling to make the finals with last weeks winners (here). The line up tonight has Sypher, Macarga, and Furyborn battling it out for the chance to play at Bloodstock.

At 21:00 the first band, Sypher, take to the stage, and push out a fast paced wall of sound. The four piece have their own brand of alternative metal, they get the audiences attention from the start. The first track, seemed to have a Pantera influence, and was well received by the audience. From the outset the lead singer requested the crowds participation.


With “Remedy For My Shame” the lead singer seemed to flow from deep growling through screaming, and singing, and seemed to do nothing but impress the audience with the their angry and energetic brand of metal.

The influence towards the end of their set seemed to range from Serj Tankian for a quirky irreverent sound, almost a Mike Patton vocal in places. The had no stage theatrics, but non were needed as the band played a tight set. Especially as the lead singer seemed to be suffering from some form of lurgy!

They left the stage with the audience chanting the bands name. A great start to the evening.

Set List
Victim 13#
Broken Fingers – Broken Hands
Remedy For My Shame
Drama Queen
Beauty Without Pride
The Sweetest Song



At 21:45 Macarga took to the stage, their set ran head on into the crowd taking no prisoners. The screaming vocals accompanied with plenty of strobe lights, and fast paced music that was hard and heavy. The 4 piece had the audiences attention from the start.

Their second track, “Black Marmalade”, sounded like an artillery strike that just kept coming, although in the middle there was an expected mellow section showing a different side to the band.

Although they had less audience interaction, they were getting a great response from the crowd.

By the fourth track, “Ka Pla”, a newer track, the audience were really warming up. The lead singer was energetically hanging on to the ceiling whilst stood on the divider between the stage and the band. Getting in the face of the audience, which was a growing crowd.

Towards the end the crowd had seemed to thin out, but this did not diminish the response they received. Their track “Scare” had the lead singer screaming Wake Up at the audience. This last track, although short, gave them their biggest cheer from the crowd.

Set List
Gandalf vs. Magneto
Black Marmalade
October Gash
Ka Pla
Sweet Thai Chicken Girl
Mark Arga



The last act of the evening is Furyborn, formerly Maniacal Edge. They received the biggest crowd reaction as they got on stage, and as soon as they started, the head bangers were out, and the glimmer of a mosh pit had started.

They seemed to have a tighter sound than the other two acts, possibly due to the additional guitarist. They band filled the small stage, and took control from the start.

As they ploughed through their second track 3, the had more audience attention, and in themselves they seemed to have warmed up. Not sure how to phrase, but the whole band were into it, seemed up for it.

With “Defiance” being a new version of an old song, they seemed more melodic than the other acts but maintained a hard fast edge with the vocals growling out. Lead singer got down into the mosh pit and certainly livened it up!

Asking if they could play one last song, the audience cheered on, and the played “Blind Leading the Blind”.

They left the stage with a bang. The audience cheering and wanting more.

Jut Tabor – vocals
Shred – guitars/vocals
Ollie Roberts – guitars
Matt Wilson – bass/vocals
Jamie Dowding – drums

Set List
Medal Of Dishonour
Through Degradation And Decay
This Fury Reborn

Blind Leading The Blind

Another tough evening for the judges, but the winners were Furyborn, followed by Sypher. Making the line up for the Finals;

Al B. Damned
Silent Prophecy

Which should prove to be a good show. See you on the 29th July!

Words by Jon.
Photos by Dan O’Gara.

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