Weymouth Pavilion

Sepultura announce surprise date in… Weymouth?! That’s definitely a surprise. Weymouth is not a place exactly notorious for its thriving music scene, though all that looks like it could change with Hourglass Promotions having recently announced some pretty big shows at the Pavilion, this one included. I have never been to the Pavilion before, and I was worried what state the place would be in by the end of the evening as the building looked rather rickety and the windows seemed to be held together with sellotape. Luckily inside was a lot better, and all in all it seems a pretty decent venue.

Dorchester based Kill The Conversation, must have been having one of the best nights of their lives getting to support a band as huge as Sepultura. Thrashy, Bring Me The Horizon style metal they certainly stepped up to the plate and got the night off to a good start and a few people moving. There were a couple of moments when they seemed a bit unrefined but for such a young band doing such a big show, I thought they did a pretty good job.

The next band on were Bull-Riff Stampede and I had heard some good things about them, so I was looking forward to seeing whether they lived up to my expectations. The frontman was a great showman and got the crowd riled up; meaning the first proper mosh pits of the night got going. Sounding as if they have influences such as Machine Head and Bullet For My Valentine, there was some big riffs and the band were lapping up the reaction to these. There was a cry of “show us your horns” which got a lot of hands in the air, and a wall of death that took place right in the middle of the room which created a great atmosphere.

As Sepultura began to set up, there suddenly seemed to be a lot more bodies in the room and it became very noticeable that this was a sell out show. As they broke into their first song, the place literally exploded. The space in front of the stage turned into a moving sweaty mass of bodies, which I figured I had to be a part of, so I dived on in and I’m so glad I did.

After a couple of songs, I somehow found myself right at the front and had the privilege of getting to see this talented and pretty legendary band up close. As you would expect from a band that have been around for over 15 years they were very comfortable on the stage, and there was some great banter between them and the crowd. The classics got everyone singing along and the new material sounded very promising. They were loud and heavy and gave it their all, and made promises to return to Weymouth which made everyone go even wilder. Who knows, it could happen.

Convicted In Life
What I Do
Troops Of Doom

Roots Bloody Roots



Words by Sarah Lovegrove

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