Empire Affair: Red Light EP

Formerly known as ‘Echo’, Bournemouth five piece band Empire Affair have recruited some new personal and made a slight change of direction to bring you something we think is rather special. Their debut EP the four track ‘Red Light’ provides you with just a small insight to what this band are about.

The four tracks are all well written and show off the much improved vocals of the energetic and talented Neil Talent who sings from the heart delivering his vocals with much heartfelt passion, especially in the stand out tracks ‘December’ and ‘Illyria’. The band’s twin guitar sound with their solid rhythm section provide a refreshing sound that certainly after a few listens gets into your head.

The best thing about the band’s music is they don’t really sound like any one band particular, there are various influences but nothing really obvious which shows the band have worked very hard to create their own original sound. As good as this EP is the best way to hear it is when it is performed live, Empire Affair are beginning to make quite a name for themselves after a string of quality live local performances that are full of energy and delivered making sure everyone in the venue gets involved.

Neil Tallant – Vocals
Jack Woolston – Lead Guitar
Tom Parrett – Bass
Matt Park – Rhythm Guitar
Darren Sheppard – Drums

One Of Me
Take Me Down

25th August – Walkabout Bournemouth
26th August – Athelstan Arms, Bournemouth
27th August – On The Rocks, Bournemouth
6th October – Mother’s Ruin, Bristol




Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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