Chaplin’s, Cellar Bar, Boscombe

Rubber Soul is back after 5 years away and each Thursday it provides a showcase for original local bands at the intimate setting of the Cellar Bar at Chaplin’s in Boscombe. Tonight Rubber Soul have put on two full on rocking bands for this evenings entertainment.

The first band on are Bournemouth’s premier classic rock act ‘Western Sand’ who take to the stage just after 10pm.

Chaplins: Western Sand

The four piece never disappoint with loud expertly played twin guitars that take their influences from the Southern rock of Lynard Skynard and the many bands that have formed around this style.

Their set was made up of tracks from their debut album ‘Truckload of Trouble’ as well as some new material the include some impressive guitar rifts from guitarist Jimmy Bradshaw coupled with some well put together combination vocals. Rock Regeneration have never made it a secret that Western Sand are certainly one of our favourite locals rock bands however at this stage in the band’s career we feel they should start to be a little more adventurous within their style and start to push some boundaries which could make their live show even more exciting. Just to cement their influences from the great Lynard Skynard they perform ‘Gimme back My Bullets’ which is great and unfortunately goes over the heads of the mainly young audience.

Mothership have the claim to fame that they are possibly the only band in the area to have three brothers all in the same band, the Jenkins brothers along with two friends Steve Jones and Josh Rose have been making waves around the area performing at a host of locals gigs and Summer Festivals. The band take to the stage full of confidence and despite the small crowd do their best to whip up a storm and provide maximum entertainment for everyone in the place, with front man Matt doing everything expected of a him including delivering some great vocal work on excellent self written songs including haunting “Ghost Story” and “Baby Be Mine” with brother Sparky providing some first class exciting guitar work. Part way through the set as if not to hog the spotlight totally the brothers stepped down off the stage briefly to give the rhythm section the chance to show off their talents with a funky mash of bass and drums.

Chaplins: Mothership

The great news is the band are already working on new material and the first example was ‘Too Young’, the song was so new that Matt had to have the lyric sheet taped to the monitor just in case he forgot the words, a slow rocking number that again shows some more of Sparky’s fine guitar riftage. A great cover of Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” got the crowd singing along and truly showing that the band were really enjoying their time in the spotlight. After nearly an hour , the band left the stage after a performance that they could be really proud of, despite being so young, there are areas that they know they need to work on and I am sure that this come with more experience, the more that perform, most certainly a band to keep an eye on for the future.

Second Chance
Silent Killer
Going Out Tonight
Ghost Story
Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight
Baby Be Mine
Too Young
Beat It ( Michael Jackson Cover)
The Call

Western Sand
Mama Kin
Take It away
Better Days
Two Rivers Meet
Ain’t No Place (In This Town For Rock N’ Roll)
Gimme Back My Bullets
Long Gone
Nothing To Lose

Western Sand



Words, Videos and pictures By Chinners.