The Martin Kitcher Band

“Somethings Got to Give” blatantly ‘borrows’ the guitar riff from the Monkees “Steppin’ Stone” but isn’t a bad LP opener. Whilst Nikky F reminds one of the Toy Dolls vocally! Devo (remember me) evokes memories of Devo themselves. One wonders if this is deliberate or just coincidental! “I Actually Rather Like You” makes me think of Adam and the Ants pre “Kings” era and it’s at this point and further on while listening I feel the artist wears his Post Punk influences very firmly on his sleeves. This is further displayed on “King of Rock n Roll” with the Ants wailing & chanting sound in the song.

Sweet Serena makes me imagine John Lydon singing Bowie! “Take a Minute” is the first of many songs on here that (to this reviewer) remind me of a nasal Elvis Costello. At this point let me make it clear I have no beef with this many influences, it’s just that there appear to be so many! “Smoke Some Action” takes the opening riff from Julian Cope’s ‘World Shut Your Mouth’ & runs with it. I wonder if “Woke Up Screaming” is semi-autobiographical. Laughtergideontime is exactly that-part comedy,part cariacature. “Motion” takes an unusual detour lyrically into football no less. More comedic lyrics latterly on “Nearly There” “A Hacked Message From God” closes the album & at this point I’m expecting something of grandeur. I listen out for blasphemy but end up with a self indulgent spoken word ditty. Seeing & hearing this material live could prove interesting,one wonders if this may happen sometime soon.

Track Listing with info details about each song from the band

Somethings Got to Give (Chamberlain/Kitcher) Originally, the first ever vocal song by Carl Chamberlains surf production The Pashuns, this was a vocal version that Martin did with Carl and changed about one line in the lyric)
Nikky F (Kitcher) A song that was oddly born out of a sort of Facebook competition in which the “winner” would have a song written using their name as an influence. A deliberately “tatty” production, created a fun pop mood and gained a few more “Friends”, as a result!
Devo (Remember Me) (Kitcher) A fun tribute to the band Devo and the great Joe Meek and also a nod to UK pop dance producer who made a record on a similiar subject. Would it not have been great if they had all worked together? This song was pretty much constructed via telephone and Carl put the hummed parts and idea together. Various mixes exist. Produced by Carl Chamberlain.
I Actually Rather Like You (Kitcher) Loved and hated in equal measures, this new guitar based mixed of Martins “Song For Europe” jape, is slightly different from the KID KO single release , and is much more live as opposed to TV friendly.Produced by Carl Chamberlain.
The King Of Rock N Roll (Kitcher/Genaro)(Suspicous Minds) (Zambon/Francis) Produced by Steve Darrel Smith, who also played keyboards and programmed it, Bob Mace on Drums, Carl C and Craig Wilson on guitars. Conceived for the Eccentric Elvis project-all proceeds from the track to the Julias House charity in Dorset.
Sweet Serena (Kitcher) With Danny Pearson on drums and Leighton Allen on bass, the live groove on this track , recorded during an early morning session sticks to the road like super glue. The tale of an obsessive tennis fan lurks within. Live engineering by Leighton.
Take A Minute (Kitcher) Produced by Steve D Smith (+ keys and drum programming) with Carl C on guitars, originally featured on the One Minute Album which was sadly deleted due to a contractual problem.
Bed 1 (Kitcher) This is one of several “Bed” tunes to have been written by Martin , originally intended as a Nocturne album. This is an analogue recording, recorded on a Fostex 4 track, hence the wonderful tape flooding on the vox.
The Pokemon Song (Kitcher) Drums Danny P, Bass Leighton, Carl C production/guitars and arrangement. The second version of this song, made as a single by carl and vocally done by Martin whilst having four broken ribs and a collapsing lung with pnueamonia in it. It made it`s own sound.
Laughtergideon Time (Kitcher/Chamberlain)Armagideon Time(Strummer/Jones) Bob Mace on drums, carl C on guitar and Andy on bass, recorded live at Sheba.
Woke Up Screaming (Kitcher) All instruments played by Alan Olive and produced by himself too in Yorkshire.
Bring It On (Cave) Bobby Burke on keys, Bob Mace on drums, Carl C on guitars, Titch Roberts on violin, Julie Staines on 2nd vox. Recorded by Jamie King at Knighton Heath Studios.
The Emperors New Nose (Kitcher)
Motion (alternate Version) (Kitcher) Drums Bob M, Andy bass, Carl C on guitars, recorded live at Sheba.
Shake Some Action (Jordan/Wilson)
American Drone (Kitcher)
A Hacked Message From God`s Messaging Machine (Kitcher)(sample comp Bernstien) Loops and opriginal recording take by Jamie King. Originally recorded for an album called “God”, which was abandoned and buried as a project due to uncertainties.
Sara From New Milton (Kitcher) Thomas Wykes accoustic guitar and keyboards, Carl C electric guitar, Danny P on drums, Leighton on bass. All recorded takes for the track were sent and compiled via e mail.
Death In A Bar (Kitcher) Drums Danny, engineered by Leighton.
Nearly There (Kitcher)


Review By Ross Ferrone

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