King Club, Weymouth

This Fall

Recently, Weymouth’s music scene has had a kick in the right direction through Hourglass Promotions booking bands like Attack! Attack!, Sonic Boom Six, Sepultura, My Passion, Malefice and more which has spurred on more gigs in the area. On a Sunday evening, you wouldn’t expect a tremendous turnout for a local show, but I was proved wrong as the venue was actually pretty full. Apologies go out to Mycroft and Diss, as I arrived after their sets.

I rocked up to the venue just as If9were5 were kicking off their set, and my initial impression was that these guys clearly knew what they were doing musically, but vocally they seemed a bit messy. This was probably due to the acoustics of the room being unkind to the vocalists, as they seemed overshadowed by the thundering instrumental qualities of the band. They seemed to mix up their sound between different aspects of punk, which meant they were able to mix up their set well, so that they were anything but predictable in the way they played.

King Club: This Fall
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Post hardcore outfit, This Fall have proven over the last few months that they are becoming quite a spectacle in the Weymouth music scene after the band saw their singles “Ellen Austin” and “Not Without A Fight” from their first EP getting plays on Lava TV and Scuzz. They took no time introducing themselves through the raw explosion of opener “The Escape” which demonstrates the band’s ability to fuse heavier elements of their instrumentals with the soaring vocals of front man Jaimee Thompson and the intricately detailed guitar work of Thom Hill supplying the silkier charms to their elements. Their sound has the surge and power of any melodic hardcore outfit, through the seductive bass lines of Joe Isaacs, Callan Milward’s thundering drumming and guitarist Tom Newton’s backing screams, which resonate round the venue like a thousand razors. Tracks from their first EP, “Spitting Feathers”, “Ellen Austin” and “Not Without A Fight” shine out as crowd favourites but new tracks like “Too Close To Home” and “Gratitude” leave shivers down my spine.

Make sure you checkout their EP “Spitting Feathers” which is available for free on their Bandpage (on their facebook page) and keep an eye out for their upcoming EP “Mechanical Hearts”.

Set List: This fall

The Escape
Spitting Feathers
Too Close To Home
All That I Am
Ellen Austin
Not Without A Fight


Words by George Fullerton.
Photos by Shannah Cowan.

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