Mr Kyps, Poole

Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls

It is acoustic night tonight at Mr Kyps as Poole’s premier live music venue plays host to none other than Wonder Stuff members Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls. Opening for them this evening are local legends Lady Winwoods Maggot, (well,three eighths of them)! Tonight they refer to themselves as the “Brotherhood of Maggot”. They begin by “Chasing the Cat”, then head for their ‘Private Idaho’. Mid-song banter is the order of the day as the guys tell stories, swap jokes, generally keeping the mood light and jolly.

Mr. Kyps: Lady Winwoods Maggot Acoustic
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“Billy Tango” is a slow/fast little number and a highlight for me, while “Being Around” is delivered in their trademark “hillbilly” style, writer Evan Dando of band The Lemonheads would be proud of this reworked version. It has been a while since I saw the ‘Maggot’ in full band mode at my local in Christchurch, tonight however they are just as much at ease ‘in the round’. This gig differs though, with the unusual sound of loud voices at the back of the room disturbing the audience listening, these nights normally receive deadly silence between songs. It doesn’t seem to bother the guys one bit though as they carry on with songs from their extensive repertoire. They end on a cover in the shape of Dylan’s “I shall be Released” before leaving the stage to warm generous applause.

Mr. Kyps: Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls
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The unmistakable tones of. Miles Hunt grace the stage, ably assisted by Wonder Stuff fiddle player Erica Nockalls. They open with a couple of new songs from their recent solo albums then hit us with a good mixture of further solo material and “Stuffies” classics. “Fill Her Up” tells stories of great open mike acoustic nights at their old local which sadly was closed down, while ‘The Cake’ is an early highlight with a great story attached about a fan in America bringing a large cake to the dressing room. The onstage chemistry between the two of them is electric ,Erica stands and plays almost ballerina-esque during most of the set while Miles looks as happy as he did back in 89′ on the “Hup” Tour, which was the last time he had been in Poole.

Miles takes time to tell more stories and explain the origins of some songs during most of the evening. The death of TV is lamented in “Stay Scared,Stay Tuned”. He gratefully accepts a Guinness from a punter then muses on a song he wrote while thinking about band mate Malcolm Treece called “Amongst the Old Reliables”. I could wax lyrical about certain songs in their set but quite simply they’re all great. This crowd however,now swelled to a nearly full Kyps are here for the Stuffies favourites. Miles asks for suggestions,the replies come thick and fast. ‘Welcome to the Cheap Seats’ gives Miles the chance to tell us of the origin of how the late Kirsty MaCcoll got to appear on the record. “Golden Green” starts the big sing-along before live favourite “Mission Drive” and the joyous “Size of a Cow”. They end with “Here Comes Everyone” with everyone all leaving very happy. Miles & Erica return for pictures and autographs at the merchandise stall much to everyone’s delight, as they promised we look forward to their return lets hope it is not as long next time.

Lady Winwoods Maggot
Chase The Cat
Private Idaho
Billy Tango
Being Around (Lemonheads Cover)
Wayfaring Stranger
Close To The Sun
Lannigan’s Ball
Black Soul Choir
I Shall Be Released(Bob Dylan Cover)

Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls
Truth at last
Back On The Charm Offensive
Fill Her Up
The Cake
These Things Remembered
Stay Scared, Stay Tuned
Immaculate Fools
Amongst the Old Reliables
Plans In The Sky
Welcome to the Cheap Seats
Golden Green
Mission Drive
Size Of a Cow
Sing The Absurd
Here Comes Everyone

Lady Winwoods Maggot

Miles Hunt & Erica Nockalls

For more videos from the gig go to the Rock Regeneration You Tube site:

Review By Ross Ferrone
Videos By Dave Chinery(Chinners)
Pictures by Robert Whetton

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