Brixton Academy, London

The Mission

Tonight was a gig with a line-up that has people travelling far and wide to see. The opportunity to see Goth heavy weights The Mission, and Fields of the Nephilim, on the same bill, along with Gene Loves Jezebel is something that no fan wanted to miss. This would be a night to remember. The banter in the queue on the way in reveals that spirits are high, and certainly a lot of travelling from far and wide.

Having queued the circumference of the building, it was obvious that Gene Love Jezebel had taken to the stage. For a venue of the size of Brixton Academy, it was unreasonable to have doors at 19:00, with the first act on at 19:15. A little unfair for the audience. We managed to catch the last couple of tracks from the Gene Loves Jezebel set, which was a shame as the audience who managed to get in earlier were enjoying their performance. As they left the stage the audience slowly began to swell in anticipation of the “Neph”. Then the smoke machine started covering the stage and the floor with an atmospheric mist.

Brixton Academy: Fields of the Nephilim
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The long intro opening for “Shroud” started, the excitement, anticipation, and the atmosphere grew, blazing into “Straight Into The Light”, the audience reaction electric. With a huge mosh pit in the centre of the dance floor housing some very energetic souls. As usual with lead singer Carl, very few words were spoken to the audience throughout the set, as none were needed. Carl McCoy and friends are probably one of the few bands that can just perform with little to no audience interaction, without appearing rude. With a set-list covering their varied back catalogue, from Dawnrazor, Zoon and Mourning Sun the audience were treated to a rare outing by this much love underground band. If this show was a test of the bands popularity, then the band better get recording a new album, and go out on tour.

Brixton Academy: The Mission

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After the four shows at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in 2008 billed to be their last, The Mission return one again with the original line up of Wayne Hussey, Simon Hinkler and Craig Adams with only drummer Mick Brown Missing from the original incantation of the band, his place is filled by Spear Of Destiny sticksman Mike Kelly. With just as much anticipation as before the Dambusters theme signalled their imminent arrival on stage, and as The Mission took to the stage they received tremendous welcome from the audience , opening with “Beyond The Pale”, the extremely enthusiastic audience began to sing the lyrics right back at the band.They sounded as good as ever, a little unrehearsed at times but and there was no mistaking the distinctive sound, with Waynes voice sounding as good, and as powerful as ever.

The set list was a romp through the bands huge back catalogue with a couple of covers ‘1969’ and ‘Like a Hurricane’ thrown in, that the band had made their own. The human pyramids started as usual during ‘ Tower of Strength’ and the sloping floor of Brixton Academy with littered with fans with their arms outstretched celebrating the great music of this outstanding band. The 11pm curfew time came and went and the band continued to play on much to the audience delight, it was a Saturday night after all. With Wayne Hussey promising the chance of a tour in 2012, and the fact he had been trying to persuade Carl McCoy to play more shows, means that the crowd were left not only wanting more, but looking forward to another collaboration once again next year.

The Mission
Dambusters Intro
Beyond The Pale
Hands Accross The Ocean
Serpents Kiss
Naked and Savage
Vigilante Man(Craig Solo)
Garden Of Delight
Butterfly On A Wheel
Stay With Me
Wake (RSV)
The Crystal Ocean
Like A Child Again(Wayn Solo)
Like A Hurricane

Tower Of Strength
1969( with Mark Gemini Thwaite)

Tadeuz Outro

Fields Of The Nephilim
Straight Into The Light
Preacher Man
From The fire
The Watchman
Last Exit For The Lost

The Mission

Fields Of The Nephilim

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“The Dynamic Duo”
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