Future Flames

We have been given some demo tracks from the up and coming Future Flames. Based in Portsmouth they are setting their sights for London, and the great beyond, slowly building up a fanbase with several shows at prestigious venues such as the Monto Water Rats and the O2 Academy in Islington.

Being described as “…[they] balance balls with beauty, incorporating soul massaging melodies with a beat that packs a punch. Executed with technical accuracy and a forward thinking lyrical finesse – the future is certainly hotting up.”

Frozen in the Heart of the Moment
Forty Winks in Bedfordshire

The demo we have certainly backs-up this description, and demonstrates it without question. A great blend of indie rock, and solid vocals from Henry, leaving you with the feel that they are standing on the precipice of something great, and are about to jump.

Future Flames

The demos kick off with Antarctica which opens with a laidback kick, and has a strong anthemic feel to it. The tracks each have a more introspective feel the more you listen. Followed “Frozen in the Heart of the Moment” they continue to provide what could be a great. Finishing with the interestingly titled “Forty Winks in Bedfordshire” we are left wanting to hear a little bit more!

Line Up
Henry Dando – Vocals/Guitar
Alex Patience – Keys/Guitar
Rowan A. Ottesen – Bass
Ryan Gadsdon – Drums

Self Description
‘FUTURE’ n. 1. The indefinite time yet to come.
‘FLAME’ n. 4. A violent or intense passion.



Words by Jon.

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