Southampton Guildhall

All Time Low

Before even entering the Southampton Guildhall, there were clear signs of the love and popularity that the Band All Time Low generate amongst their fan base. Some of their more rabid admirers’ had been waiting outside from the crack of dawn, in freezing temperatures for hours on end. Most were wrapped in newly purchased duvets which littered the walkways once the doors were opened.

“We Are The In Crowd” were the first of the bands on tonight. These guys are new to the pop-punk scene; therefore I was pleased to see most of the crowd singing along to every song from their 8 song set list. Before the band, consisting of Taylor Jardine (vocals), Jordan Eckes (guitar/vocals), Mike Ferri (bass), Rob Chianelli (drums) and Cameron Hurley (guitar) entered the stage; a non-band member walked on and pressed play on a CD player, then walked off again. This did ruin the whole “Live” Feeling of the first song; however I was later informed it was, in fact, just sound effects. This young band played well and tightly for their whole set, with the bass drum thumping through the audiences bodies. Perfect warm up for the performances that lay ahead!

“The Maine” were next up on stage. They were all very energetic, with the lead singer (John O’Callaghan) always bouncing and dancing around the stage. They have some rather catchy songs like Into your arms which was performed extremely well live and involved lots of interaction from the audience. To give an example of this, at one point John sang happy birthday to a member in the audience and encouraged the crowd to join in. The masses were now officially buzzing for the headliners. Everyone warmed up and ready to party.

“All Time Low” were greeted by a huge roar from the crowd! Opening with “Time Bomb”, a song from their latest Album (Dirty work) the band were enthusiastic from the first note. It was obvious that all the band, especially Jack Barakat, were loving every moment of this gig, thousands of girls screaming for you. Isn’t that just every guys idea of heaven? It didn’t take long for Jack’s mike stand to be covered in Bras. The fifth song was another from their latest album the aptly titled I feel like Dancin’ most certainly got the whole crowd to cut loose! Even though Jack was constantly going from one side of the stage from the other and sitting down to get closer to his audience, he still managed to play exceptionally well and engaged the crowd expertly.

All Time Low

To Begin with, lead singer Alex Gaskarth was his normal bubbly self, but as the set went on the crowd could see a noticeable change in the way he held himself. Before he played the Remembering Sunday acoustic song he admitted to being ill and losing his voice, but he continued on to the end of this shortened set not wanting to let the fans down. All Time Low then came back to play a three song encore, Weightless, Lost in stereo and Dear Maria. Zack Merrick (Bass) and Rian Dawson (drums) also played solidly throughout the show. All members of the band deserve a pat on the back for their performance, as even though they were under the weather they still came out and gave their all to the fans. Everyone had an amazing night.

Set List
All time Low
Forget About It
Damned If I Do (Damned If I Don’t)
Coffee Shop Soundtrack
I Feel Like Dancing
Poppin’ Champagne
Remembering Sunday
Lost In Stereo
Dear Maria Count Me In

All Time Low

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Review By Dee Hanley.
Videos used by kind permission of Kris(The Evil Cupcake).

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