The Sun Explodes

If you’re looking for a band that defeats a genre stereotype, that ticks multiple boxes when describing their music, look no further. The Sun Explodes, a 5-piece heavy rock band from Cumbria, are capable of that, which their music that stretches from heavy metal, to synth rock, to metalcore, to alternative rock completed with techno sounds, powerful screams and crushing riffs.

With Dave Maclachlan on vocals and keys, Jamie Harris on drums, Alex Harris on guitar and vocals, Nick Yule on guitar and vocals, and Mike Walker on bass, this band is drenched in originality and talent. And they prove so in their debut album “Emergence”, as well as already achieving in their first year of live performances that are energetic, aggressive and something you can’t forget.

The Sun Explodes

You’ve probably already heard about this band online, as they have already managed to gain a loyal, fierce fanbase from their strong online presence, which can be seen as a positive and a negative, although a strong fanbase is always a good way to erupt media attention and publicity, which is what has happened for The Sun Explodes. But fanbases and online wars aside, The Sun Explodes arenít afraid to show how they experiment with their sound. The album features a variation of styles, giving the listener an insight into who The Sun Explodes are as a band and what they want to be – their identity.

Songs on the album vary from different tints of genres; We’re Not Soldiers is one of the heavier songs on the album, whereas songs like Line One and Emergence have more electronic feels to them, and then there are songs which you think are by completely different artists, such as Pandemonium which is simply just beautiful piano music without any vocals or other instruments at all, and Dead/Alive which concludes the album on a more alternative rock note.

The Sun Explodes

The Sun Explodes’ mixture of styles, powerful album and memorable, energetic live performances leave the band with a big, bright future ahead of them. Keep an eye out for them, as 2012 is going to hold big things for this band and their original, fresh contribution to the UK rock scene.

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Honour Bound
Second Sight
We’re Not Soldiers
Line One

Honour Bound

Line Up
Dave Maclachlan – Vocals, Keys
Jamie Harris – Drums
Alex Harris – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Yule – Guitar, Vocals
Mike Walker – Bass

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Words By Bryanna.
Photo By Chelsea Cannar.

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