A quiet, and chilly Saturday night sees me down at The Anvil, formerly The Ibar, at the Lansdowne end of Bournemouth. Unfortunately tonights 3 set line-up as shrunk to just two as Sepia Daze are unable to attend. But, still for the nominal £1 entry it is still complete value for money.

First up are Mobius Strip who open to just me! But within seconds people soon start coming downstairs. The three piece kicked off with a raw energy that has the small crowd moving, and their first track was well received. Describing themselves as prog/rock I felt they tended more to the heavier rock, but that might just be the vibe from a live performance.

The Anvil: Mobius Strip
Mobius Strip 0102030405

Next up was “Learning Curve”, a more bass driven, with its thumping back beat. The more they played, the more people who came on down, especially when they kicked off with a new “unamed” song. They had a good solid rock sound, with what felt like a punk rock energy. If I had to criticise for about the first half of their set the vocals seemed a little lost in the music, and towards the end of the set the vocals were clearer.

They ended their set with a hard rocking number, leaving the crowd were satisfied after a good 45 minute set.

Next up were Serpico, having left a very good impression with this reviewer with their performance at Bandalism last year, and unable to make this years Bandalism, this was a gig I had been waiting for. Especially as I have not managed to see them at all in the last 12 months, and it was worth the wait. Having had to listen to them via mySpace was that they sounded just like what I had been listening to – note for note. This was proven when they played “In the River”, with Al’s vocals coming across brilliantly.

The Anvil: Sirpico
Sirpico 0102030405060708

“Golden Handshake” was a new track which had a more laid back bluesy metal guitar, but conveying just as much power. With “Everything She Had” had great energy that the crowd loved.

They play a unqiue brand of indie rock, with a kind of BritPop feel. Which kind of shows from the bands rock preferences, as well as some R&B influences thrown in. Couple this with some great lyrics, not to mention dark and distrubing when listening to “In The River”.

They end the night with “Get Away”, a slower number, a kind of end of night track. Well that’s how it starts, it then kicks in with a more classic rock feel. A good end to a great set.

With hope of an album being released this year, this could be a band to watch. Not only are they playing Bandalism again, they are on the bill for the Bournemouth Sevens Festival.

They know what to do, how to do it. And they do it well. The crazy thing is, they make it look so simply, and effortless.


Mobius Strip


Words, Pictures, and Videos by Jon.

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