States of Matter

States of Matter are a new 5 piece rock band from Bournemouth that formed in September 2011 and started their live music career showcasing a couple of songs at the Centre Stage in Bournemouth in the 1st Heats of the Dorset Music Awards, since then they have recorded a video for their single “Skyline” on the runway of Filton Airport in Bristol, and recorded their debut album “In The Scheme Of Things”.

The album has been generously distributed free via the bands Facebook page to anyone that submits their address and the band have had their time spend filling envelopes with CDR’s and posting them off to the expectant listeners. At the moment there is a lot of free music out there and a band giving their album away for free is nothing new, some people say this is some what devaluing music, in some ways that is correct, in other ways in gets the album out to an audience that may not have heard it if there was a fee attached.

States of Matter

When you first listen to the album you cannot fail to be impressed be the initial production, the CD is not something thrown together quickly it has been well put together and produced well with the additions of some strings and keyboards to bolster the familiar rock sound.. There are lots of alternative styles of rock out there at the moment and “States of Matter” do their best to simplify things to give you a very listenable album with softer rock style the will appeal to a wide audience and would be worthy of radio airplay. The album opens with the epic “Skyline” that slowly builds up with orchestral style strings merging with a classic guitar intro making way for Harrison Perks solid vocals and great catchy chorus “Whoa Whoa It’s always the quiet ones” then proceeding to the customary well delivered guitar solo. “Jeez Louise” is another highlight that opens with a wall of guitar and some notable bass lines that really ht the mark with another very memorable chorus that will have you singing along after the 1st run through. “Shotaway” is a well written number that opens with a nice piano intro once again merging with guitars to great effect, easily another song worthy of a single status.

States of Matter

States Of Matter are carefully planning their future with lots of live shows planned and with this album’s free distribution there are bound to be lots of fans out there who will come along to the shows knowing all the words to their extremely catchy songs. As a debut album this is a very solid start with 8 quality uplifting tunes that all are very worthy of a place on your iPod, with the right direction I can see States of Matter capitalising on this great start and making a real name for themselves in the local area and beyond. The good news is that they are also already writing new material and planning a follow up album later on this year, with this much material hopefully the live set will be full of these great original songs, not bombarding the gig goer will a load of unwelcome covers as a lot of other bands do. The Rock Regeneration team are really looking forward to going along and reporting from one of their gigs very soon…….watch this space!!

Track Listing
Jeez Louise
Hot Off The Press
The Casual Company
Only Lovers Left Alive
Hit For Six

Line Up
George Holloway – Vocals
Harrison Perks – Lead Guitar
Lloydi Gee Pearson – Drums
Iain Sheppard – Bass
Richard Couchman – Rhythm Guitar



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Review by Dave Chinery (Chinners).