I’m a rock and metal man (music that is, not literally) but I’ve always had a healthy appreciation for the progressive side of rock. Mainly the huge bands of the 70’s (Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Caravan) that used to take up whole album sides with one song. But more recently modern bands like Opeth, Mastodon, and Dream Theater, have been mixing metal/hard rock with these 70’s influences and as a direct result have re-awakened my interest in the genre.

On to Galahad and their seventh studio album Battle Scars. I have to say this is my first exposure to Galahad and on the strength this album, it won’t be the last. Make no mistake these guys are Prog and they love it. The songs are extremely well crafted and have epicness about them that draws the listener in. They wear their influences on their sleeves and listening to the opus, I kept hearing snatches that sounded like early Marillion and Genesis but unique to the band.

The quality of musicianship is outstanding and the record’s production sounds like it was produced by a professional label – which it should have been. I’m still astounded that they haven’t been signed yet, as I fully believe that with the clout of a major label promoting them they would be huge.


The stand out track is the euphoric “Seize the Day” with its up-beat lyrics and dare I say it, an almost eighties synth-pop intro. Special mentions go to title track Battle Scars (all galloping rhythms and a shout-a-long chorus) and the awesome Beyond the Barbed Wire. These were just my favourites, the album as a whole is very good overall and should appeal to a wide audience.

This is progressive rock with a hard rock edge to it. It is a great example of the quality of British bands touring at the moment, producing excellent music but finding it difficult to secure record deals and finding less and less venues to actually play in!

Galahad have made it to the top of my list of bands to see live and I will defiantly catch them next time they play locally.

Battle Scars
Reach For The Sun
Bitter and Twisted
Suspended Animation
Beyond the Barbed Wire
Seize The Day

Bonus Track:
Sleepers 2012

Battle Scars

Words by Dan O’Gara.