The Sabres

Bournemouth band The Sabres have been away from the live music circuit for quite a while now, but the good news is that they are back, returning with a new bass player Paul Ramsey and a new album “Escaping Extinction”. The 11 track album is released on Roxy Peru Records and was recorded at Radioactive Recordings in Wisborough Green with Leo Dagger at the controls. The album follows on from the band’s previous EP releases and includes some of the previous tracks such as “Full Moon” and “CCTV” reworked and rerecorded.

The album is a must for anyone who loves no nonsense classic guitar rock, vocalist and guitarist Richie J Adams show’s his expertise with some intricate work along his fret board as well as some rip roaring guitar solos. The long player has a few instrumental intermission tracks “Half Moon” and “Nocturnal” which shows some nice additional creativity amongst the main tracks. The thing about The Sabres is their versatility, listen to the splendid track “Casualty Of Mind” which is full on compared to the almost delicate “Last Thing On My Mind” featuring some great harmonisation with more gentle acoustic guitars.

There is no real theme to the album and the listener is bombarded with a myriad of different styles taken from a whole host of various none to obvious influences. The album features the band’s previous bass player Gareth Davies on tracks 1-9 who sadly moved away to London with Paul Ramsey taking over on tracks 10-11.In conclusion a versatile very listenable album with lots of twist and turns that will keep the listener interested right to the final track. The songs also transfer very well live and if you get a chance to see the band live you certainly won’t be disappointed.

The Sabres

Track Listing
2- Got Me Waiting
3- Quiet Space
4- Full Moon
5- Half Moon
6- Shade Of Light
7- Nocturnal
8- Casualty Of Mind
9- St Serenity
10- Leave It
11- Last Thing On My Mind

Line Up
Richie J Adams – Guitar & Vocals
Martin Ramsey – Drums & Vocals
Paul Ramsey -Bass & Vocals(10-11)
Gareth Davies- Bass (Tracks 1-9)


The album is available on itunes and can be purchased by contacting the band at any of the links below :

Review By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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