Simply titled EP2 with it’s simple plain brown sleeve, or perhaps I should say minimalist sleeve and artwork. Tells you nothing about this band. About it’s contents. Zip. Nada. I like that expectation.

Now I don’t usually harp on about packaging, but I like physical packaging. It can add so much to the experience. I regretted the move from CD to vinyl as there was less room for the art and liner notes, and now with the recent move to downloads you almost loose this wonderful aspect of the album or EP “package”.

For the sake of clarity, that does not mean I dislike minimalist packaging. Infact it adds a whole new dimension to the EP. If you have never seen the band in question live, or in this instance have ever heard of them, it adds an aire of mystery. The listener fills in a lot of the blanks before even pressing he play button. I like that. No pre-conceptions.

Three paragraphs in and I have not even mentioned the music!

These guys, apparently started out as an instrumental 3 piece, but have added Michael Marwood on vocals for what is an engaging EP, and it shows. Adding their experience of performing instrumental works give something that has an almost haunting feel, the lyrics sit upon a carefully constructed soundscape, vaguely New Age’ish in part, but definitely maintains a raw progressive rock feel. Michaels vocals possess an almost pained feel to them, with an ethereal and distant delivery, and on initial listen an almost surreal quality, they flow with the rawness of the music perfectly. This almost stirs up a gothic feeling, with an air of darkness to the EP that draws you in.


The only instrumental on the EP, “The Durante”, lasts only briefly, and provides the perfect intro into the closing track “Ahsonnutli”. Crescendos into some guitar work that leads us to a powerful closing.

For me the rawness reminded of Burn the Fleet, a favourite of Rock Regeneration, throwing a strong hint of post-hardcore into the mix. Somewhere between the deftones, and Mars Volta.

Of course EP2 might not sound like anything they have done before, or may do again. But I will listen without prejudice.

Minimalist artwork, no pre-conceptions. Just original music. I hope we hear more from these guys.

The EP is due for release on the 24th September through Blank records, and online stores (iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify).

Line Up
Michael Marwood – Vocals
Andrew McCaffery – Bass
Chris McManus – Drums
Graham Morris – Guitar

Track Listing
No Motion
Iris Brickfield
The Durante



Words, and art critique by Jon.

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