The Duel

The prelude to this LP is a 42 minute track incorporating all the songs on the LP with some interesting dialogue. You could argue that this is a concept album on listening to this track, but the Zak Splash Story is a humourous account of life from a “bygone” era. Whether Zak Splash is a figure of fiction or fantasy its an interesting “account” but its the songs that stand out. Fiction or fantasy its up to you the listener to decide. For this reviewer it’s all about the songs!

The Duel open this collection simply with an intro. It begins with some classic Punk guitar work but is crying out for a great vocal accompanyment. Instead what we get is a synth section which while not unpleasant, comes across more experimental. “Invincible” has some clangy guitars and (to me) a vocal not unlike Grog (Die So Fluid). The keys here are more “complimentary” before the strange ending to the song-a feature that crops up throughout this LP. ‘Less Everyday’ has a mid 80’s Post-Punk/Gothy sound, most notably in the guitars. The vocals are once again the focal point to the song, yet remain clear & potent throughout.

There’s a real nod to the Cult in Thanos (guitars) on this song but one could choose any band from that era. On ‘You Can Do It’ Tara (vox) reminds me of Celebrity Skin-era Courtney Love. The guitars are clangy throughout & more of the mid 80’s shines through again, along with a powerful drumbeat & (Chris)’s bass. The song I feel however is overlong & would be better being shorter.

The Duel

“Fake Like You” starts off with some Buzzcocks-esque chords & some more Courtney-esque vocals on what is a classic Punk song. At almost 5 mins though it once again seems overlong where (in my opinion), it would work so much better as a 3 minute epic. The Steve (Diggle) guitars however are a treat. ‘Love Me Do’ has a great intro & the vocals are slightly angrier with such personal lyrics. Pumpy (drums) delivers once again in his post-Punk style but this is another great song, albeit with an unusual ending.

The Duel

Another classic intro & an interesting title on the slightly tongue in cheek ‘Splash on You’. Make your own mind up re: the lyrical content & shared vocals. Once again though another curious ending-how this works live is anyone’s guess but I’m sure they pull it off! ‘When The Fire Goes Out’ goes all Ska/Reggae/Rocksteady & is a real gem with its clear singalong lyrics. One can imagine this being a good set closer live. Song length is an issue though-2 middle 8’s no less! It ends with Andy’s (keys) section which is a good LP closer.

Track Listing
1. intro
2. Invincible
3. Less Everyday
4. You Can Do It
5. Fake Like You
6. Love Me Do
7. Splash On You
8. When The Fire Goes Out

The Duel


Review by Ross Ferone.

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