Have you ever woken up in a wood, half-naked, covered in scratches, fingernails caked in dirt and the coppery taste of blood in your mouth? No, you’re not a Werewolf; you’ve probably just been listening to Hampshire based Hard Rock Doomsters, Wolfshead. Make up of beardy duo: Leigh McSharry, Drums, Bass and Vocals and Mart Anthony, Guitars and Vocals.

Opening track Warbringer has and Eighties New Wave of British Heavy Metal feel to it. Conjuring up memories of Sabbath, Venom, and Raven all mashed up together. With its shouty, punch your fist in the air chorus, I bet this is a live favourite. The tune is all about getting tooled up and ready for a medieval battle – sweet! From Warbringers fast pace Wolfshead slow it to a downtuned crawl.

The Garden is pure Stoner Doom about smoking large quantities of weed. The riff is suitably expansive and the vocalist draws out the word Garden across, what seems like, the entire track. Pissin’ Blood ups the tempo and is the EP’s shortest track. With a killer riff it rushes along like a juggernaut. We get a short sharp guitar solo and then it jams on the brakes and screeches to a halt. Short but sweet.


Closer is the Doom laden but also totally rockin’ Death Priest! It may be the last track but it ends the EP in style. Solid drums and a devastating riff that crushes everything in its path, make this my favourite track.

The EP is currently available for download from here, for the princely cost of your sanity (more commonly known as name your own price);


Track Listing
1. Warbringer
2. The Garden
3. Pissin’ Blood
4. Death Priest


Words and photos by Dan O’Gara.

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