Tim Somerfield

One of the unsung heroes of the local music scene Tim Somerfield also known as the “Afro Ninja” has a new 6 track EP out called “Naked and Confused”. Tim can usually be found at the Inferno in Bournemouth on Thursday and Saturday nights where he promotes some great electric and acoustic gigs from some great up coming artists.

When he is not doing this Tim is happy with his guitar in his hand and singing entertaining audiences of his own. If you take time to have a look as Tim’s Bandcamp page you will find that he is a prolific writer of original songs and has already released several other top quality EP’s full of impressive original material.

Tim Somerfield

The new EP has six tracks and open’s with a song about “Writer’s Block” which something I am sure Tim does not suffer from due to the sheer amount of quality songs available from him Bandcamp page. All the songs on the EP have a simple arrangement of just Tim’s powerful Voice and his skilful acoustic guitar playing. The song writing is really passionate with a major influence apparent from Inme’s Dave McPherson who Tim is a big fan and has has supported on a number of occasions.

The stand out track of the EP is an almost unpronounceable track called “Transcendent Iridescent Light” which shows some supreme really emotionally delivered vocals coupled with some really intense guitar playing. Tim is one of Bournemouth’s largely undiscovered gems and deserves much more exposure as by this showing he is an artist with so much to give.

1- Writer’s Block
2- Travel Light
3- Hypnotised
4- Transcendent Iridescent Light
5- Loving You Would Be The Greatest Way To Die
6- Supernova


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