Winchester Pub, Bournemouth

The Skints

The Skints are hopefully beginning to like Bournemouth as this is their third trip here this year, they have played Bournemouth O2 Academy supporting “You Me At Six”, and the Old Fire Station supporting “Less Than Jake”. They are currently riding on the crest of wave with a very hectic summer ahead of them full of music festivals. Tonight’s show is a special “one off” warm up show for a this run of Festivals, it much more intimate affair than the band have been used to recently at the Winchester Pub in front of around 150 people. This gig is by no means a secret and by the time the doors open a sizeable queue has formed along the side of the building.

Know One

Know One 12

As the place begins to fill up to capacity local Bournemouth Reggae band “Know One” take to the stage to kick off the evenings entertainment. The band have plenty of fans in the crowd tonight and soon as the beat kicks in the dance floor is full of bobbing heads. The very tight 7 piece band including a 2 piece brass section and produce a supremely enjoyable set with masses of energy, lead singer the dreaded Dean Ormsby never stops moving and at times joins the audience on the dance floor for some serious skanking. The band finish their 30 minute set and all take their place in the crowd to watch the other two bands.

The Bots

The Bots 12

“The Bots” are two supremely talented brothers Anaiah and Mikaiah from the USA who seem to be taking the world of music by storm, they have just finished a tour with Indie rockers “Blur” including a showcase gig at the world famous 100 Club in London. The boys who are still only in their mid to early teens arrive on stage with their confidence sky high, with just drums and a guitar they make a delightful noise showing off their many talents, despite a few niggling technical faults the set is full of highlights including the very energetic “War” and the delicately innocent “Dinosaurs”. They perform under the watchful eye of their Mother, who is at the side of the stage, she proudly watches them delight everyone in the venue tonight. The sound is a fusion of many different influences and I can honestly say I have not seen anything like this before, the future for these two young guys is bright and I am sure fame and fortune beckons. The boys try to leave the stage, but are greeted with the whole place hollering for more, they dutifully reward the support and during the final number Mikaiah takes off his guitar jumps down off the stage and joins a small mosh pit in the centre of the audience before humbly thanking everybody for their welcome support.

Now on to “The Skints” who take to the stage with a still buzzing Winchester crowd after “The Bots” excellent set.

Skints 12345

“The Skints” need absolutely no introduction to the lively Bournemouth crowd who take to their feet and dance soon as the first number “Mindless” kicks in. The band proceed to play a faultless set including songs from their latest album “Part & Parcel” as well as a few songs from earlier in their career. The four piece produce a sound that continues on from the British Ska explosion of the late 70’s early 80’s, this third wave has a consistent dub bass to most songs with a very British twist, with instruments such a flute, Saxophone, keyboards and the Melodica., along with three very different styles of vocals with great harmonies. Marcia Richards, Jon Doyle, Josh Waters Rudge, and Jamie Kyriakides all seem to be thoroughly enjoying their latest visiting to Bournemouth, the whole crowd totally embrace the band’s vibe and give back possibly the best reaction ever seen here. A few reworked covers were thrown into the set to add a further bit of variety, Katy B’s “On A Mission” and Dawn Penn’s “No No No” showing some nice versatility.

Sadly the evening had to come to an end and The Skints leave the stage as the curfew time arrives, the crowd as you would expect demand more and the band were given the Ok to continue for a couple more numbers much to everyone’s delight. I’m a sure in a few years time the people here tonight will be bragging that they were here to see both The Skints and The Bots at this most intimate special night.

Set Lists
Know One
Intro: Pigbag
At What Cause
Bite Your Tongue
Kill Or Be Killed
In The Box

The Skints
Change The Channel
On A Missionm(Katy B)
Lay You Down
Sunny Sunny
Rubadub (Done Know)
Ronnna’s Song/No No No (Dawn Penn)
You Send Me
World A Music
Just Can’t Take No More
Bright Girl
Culture Vulture


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Review, Pictures & Video by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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